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  • Have you ever thought of working with Greenwave or other ocean farming? It's so vital that we draw CO2 out of atmosphere. Unless we do so there wont be anything to hack or bullet proof. I would love for Greenwave type ocean farming to come to NYC. We have all that coast, but politicians here talk green but do nothing. Maybe venture capital? A grant? The items could be sold or used for bio fuel, creates low skill jobs that many displaced workers or people who need to start out could fill? You think big HELP !!!!!!! (please)

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    I would love to know more about “us” people with no thyroid! The consequences of a thyroidectomy!

  • lulululu

    Please let’s talk more about how to feed our babies and kids! We talk a lot about feeding and taking care of ourselves, but I think taking care of the future adults it’s even more important! Very little information available about it!

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  • What supplement(s) and or treatment would Dave recommend to help with a spinal cord injury resulting in quadriplegia ? My husband, age 56, had emergency laminectomy surgery on Oct. 8, 2019 for compression of spinal cord due to epidural abscess at C3-4 and L2-3. He was septic from a staph infection (MSSA bacteremia) - theory is that it entered the body through an abrasion on his knee. With help he walked into the ER on Oct. 7 and within hours lost sensory and function. Prior to backache over the previous days, he was active and strong (men's league ice hockey, lots of yard work, boating), however his sugar was high according to a blood test he had 2 weeks prior. It has been under control since then. After surgery he spent 3 weeks in hospital, 4 weeks in acute rehab, and 6 weeks in a skilled nursing facility before coming home. He was on IV Nafcillin for 12 weeks. He is considered C6 on Right and C7-8 on Left -complete or incomplete , I don't know. He does not have control of bowel or bladder. Currently he does outpatient PT and OT 2ce/week. Two different surgeons have looked at the MRIs and said there is nothing more to do. "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst", "Time will tell" is what we've been told. We feel like there has to be something more . He has an amazing positive attitude and works very hard at therapy. Currently taking Juice Plus vitamins, Fish oil, D3, Magnesium, and Probiotic. Gabapentin for nerve discomfort is the strongest med he takes. I recently ordered TruNiagen for him. Considering CBD, but not sure. Any advice , any suggestions extremely welcome. Thank you.

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