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  • for that matter, what about guys and eating bulletproof? most of us are guys (i thiink). what general differences in diet recommendations are there for men and women? foods that we need more of or less of depending if you're a man or woman? 

  • Dave, I recently watched Steve Colter's presentation on the flow state that you posted on your Facebook page.  I really enjoyed his explanation of flow state from a neurochemical stand point, but what about the neuroelectrical activity?  Based upon your experience with CES and forty years of zen, would you give us some incite into the neuroelectrical side of things?  Would neurofeedback and/or electrical stimulation provide a superior, artificial method of inducing flow than chemical induction?

  • hybridhybrid Cateye vs Isolation

    Bump adrenal fatigue and the bulletproof diet?


    Ketosis, caffeine, fasting on the bulletproof diet and adrenal fatigue.

  • When is this Podcast going to be done? I can't wait to hear the answers!

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    Dave: do you ever wake up on Sunday morning and think "to hell with this, I'm sleeping in!" and then sleep until lunchtime?
  • OMG I have so many questions. But here are 2.


    1. What do you think of IV nutrition? Like the Myer's cocktail, vitamin C or Glutathione?


    2. Best way to season a cast iron pan. My grandma used flax seed oil and I have to say all the pans I have done this way never need to be re-seasoned. When I use any other oil they turn our terrible and need to be constantly redone. I actually found some site saying there is science behind using flax. I never use high heat with seasoning with flax seed oil. But since going bulletproof I don't want avoid toxins. Here is the link




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    OK, so this isn't really a question, but a request. It was inspired by Stevo's post about how we need some way to determine the amount of benefit any given change or hack might get us. The idea is that Dave puts out a lot of different recommendations, but there's no easy way to contextualize the importance of one recommendation in relation to another. Some are really important, but others are sort of "last mile" advice that are most useful once some core biohacks are already in place. It's not clear to a newbie whether they should try putting butter in their coffee, get enough vitamin D, or use orange glasses at night. Therefore, I request the introduction of...


    Biohacker Points. Or, perhaps, the more scientific International Units of Biohacking (IUBs).


    With each new recommendation, Dave could easily contextualize how valuable the recommendation is. We might be able to say, "Getting enough vitamin D is really important. In fact, it's worth 1000 IUB. Switching from a rubber watch strap to an organic cotton strap is worth 5 IUB. 


    Obviously getting more IUBs is a good thing. This would lead to a few very important outcomes:


    1. Newbies would easily be able to determine where to start.

    Who goes after 1 IUB hacks when they still have multiple 100 IUB hacks they haven't implemented yet?


    2. We can all compare how many IUBs we have.

    And argue over who has more IUBs, and also argue over whether any given hack is actually worth it's assigned IUBs. Which will be fun. 


    3. IUBs will FINALLY quantify quantified self


    Obviously we can't expect the BP team to go through all the old content and assign IUBs to everything. But if you start with your top 10 biohacks and assign IUBs, then we'll begin to have a frame of reference that will grow over time as IUBs are assigned to more hacks.  

  • I would like some information of Nano technology and possible dangers.

  • Does drinking mineral water (e.g. San Pellegrino/Perrier) effect mineral supplementation? If so, how?
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    Omega 3s.


    I eat sardines a few times a week, however one forumer brought up a rather interesting point and said that the preparation process might destroy the integrity of the Omega 3s in the fish. The omega 3s in cooked meats/seafood... are they destroyed in the cooking process? I ditched my Omega 3 supplements for a few cans of sardines a week-- am I actually not getting any omega 3s, then? If we want to get Omega 3s from fish, does it have to be eaten practically raw?

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  • I'd be curious for Dave to address the issue of GMO foods.  Putting aside the issue of the impact a decrease in crop diversity has on the susceptibility of crops to various toxins/bugs, etc., Monsanto's bad behavior, terminator genes, environmental issues, etc., and focusing just on health impact, I've seen so much science and propaganda in both directions that I'm not sure what to believe.  For instance, it's by now well known that the infamous rat "tumor" study that swayed so many people against GMOs was highly flawed in its design, using a strain of rats that were very susceptible to tumors, exaggerating certain results, etc., and I know the food industry likes to tout the claim that there's been no hard evidence suggesting adverse health impact from GMOs.  So, are GMOs dangerous or aren't they?  Do we at least have good reason to be cautious?  Maybe it's worth having a guest who's an expert (and not someone who's either a talking head for the food industry or a crusader against it) on to discuss what the science actually says.

  • There's been a lot conflicting information on the forum about this one. If not for this site I may have never been able to address my own issues with it in order to become bulletproof.

    Amalgam removal, heavy metal poisoning, and safe methods of chelation therapy.

    I think it's important to address this in a podcast. The mechanisms of mercury toxicity on the body's processes are incredibly complex. Mercury is brought up briefly in The Better Baby Book and Dave has posted about it in relation to fish consumption and chlorella tablets (which is something a mercury toxic individual with amalgam should not consume). The diet itself is incredibly helpful for all those afflicted, but some of the upgraded products and recommended supplements can worsen a mercury toxic individuals condition. I would personally love Dave to have Dr. Andy Cutler on as a guest. Their two minds colliding would be epic.

  • Does he have any comment or experience with HSCAS for aflatoxin binding?


    Would also love to have him spend a few minutes running through his thoughts on Crohn's:

    1) He has talked about high levels of aflatoxin in the blood of Crohn's patients

    2) In his interview with Tom O'Bryan, O'Bryan said a yeast sensitivity (ASCA) means you have 100% likelihood of developing Crohn's within 2-3 years. How does that play into the etiology of Crohn's? (Also, I can't find any study confirming O'Bryan's comment)

    3) How do #1 and #2 relate to the proven cause of Crohn's: Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis?

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    What is your response to Joe Rogan's comments on the upgraded bean making process?


    Can you please have the yoga for your eyes guy on the podcast?


    Could you please talk about adrenal fatigue more?


    Can you please tell people that sweet potato/rice noodles can help them get over pasta slowly?


    So many questions haha I've run out of positive votes for the day, I'll be back tomorrow!

  • Dave, I would like you to talk about the potential dangers and health risks that someone undertakes when eating a vegan diet. What are some long term health issues that can arise, and how are these health issues eliminated by eating a bulletproof diet?



  • I have nothing to ask, but want to tell you something Dave. I did send it to you on facebook too, but since I want to make sure you read it, I post it here too. If you work for Dave and read this, I would really appreciate if you could let Dave read this.


    Hi Dave,


    I had my final meeting for my treatment for CFS today, and I figured it is time to send you something: thanks so much, you changed my life. Almost 3 years ago I got very sick, and docs figured it was mono/kissing disease. I never recovered from it, and stayed very sick. For a very long time I was not able to go to university, go buy food, walk/sport outside, take care for myself, study, work, and felt totally destroyed every single day. There were days I was not able to go outside of my room since I could not walk down the stairs, sometimes even a few days in a row. There was this bridge that I just couldn't go over on my bike, while old woman could do this. I got depressive since I am very ambitious and saw my goals disappear, went to a therapist who couldn't help me. After this I went to a natural doctor who couldn't help me, moved in with my parents again since I couldn't take care of myself anymore, and after that I started with a treatment which was cognitive therapy a hospital, and at the same time a friend directed me to Bulletproof. I started the diet along with the therapy, and started to feel better. I listened to almost every single one of your podcasts, did a lot of research myself. I started realizing I crashed after certain foods like coffee and beer. Also I started magnesium, and my chronic leg cramps got a lot less intense. Also I started vitamin D, B12 and other stuff you recommend, and I started to think clearer again. I started a log on your site, since I knew I was on to something, even though my family, the psychologist and friends thought I was crazy and it was all in my head. ''It could all be placebo''. Obviously I didn't believe this at all, since I knew certain foods made me crash. I did discover I did crash after alcohol free wine, did discover I did crash after certain rice, I thought I had candida. I started nystatin, but it didn't help. Then someone on your thread directed me to a mold allergy. This changed my life. Suddenly everything made sense. I started experimenting with moldy foods, and indeed my body always crashed. I did this also to proof to my parents that I was not making this up. I was living for a few weeks pretty well, but still around 70%, which is good compared to the 5% I was before, but I was not satisfied yet. I started researching sleep, started zinc, b6 and magnesium before bed. I had dreams for the first time in 2.5 years and deeper sleep. I started researching more and more, and realized my environment could make me weak, especially after reading your article. I decided not to visit the sauna at a swimming pool anymore, and I got a bit better again. I discovered mold in the basement at my parents where I did work, so I moved my officice upstairs, and again I got a bit better. I made pictures of it, posted it on bulletproof, and some people said ''this looks like black mold, move out there as soon as possible''. I am not sure yet if it is really mold, but I don't trust it at all. Also I decided to get rid off my place I lived in on my own, and when I visited the place some while ago, I felt very bad. I suspected mold, started looking, and obviously did find some very suspicious places. This is where I am right now. I have a lot of control over my health again, and I am not considered a CFS patient anymore by the doctors. I got directed to an allergy doctor, and I plan to move out of the house when I have some money for it. This is kind of a negative spiral, since I don't feel good enough to work a lot, but I should be able to get out of it. I sleep only around 8 hours a night now, only a bit of pain in my legs every day, and my throat and skin are still annoying but I can live relatively normal again. I can weight train again, meet friends, and think reasonably clear again. I tried to convince the psychologist today that my own discoveries made the difference and not their therapy, but obviously ''it could be placebo''. Well Dave, I know better thanks to your work, did do a lot of experiments with foods and environment, and finally have control again. I even did a test with certain grains and coffee that I knew were moldy to let my body crash, which I did write down for proof for the psychologist during my evalutation period, but ''it still could be placebo'', even though I totally crashed. I realized this got a bit long, but I just want to thank you so much. You changed my life man, you have no idea. I wanted  to take coaching from you, but it was a bit too expensive for me, but who knows in the future. Again, thanks a lot. I look forward to get 100% again instead of 70%, and probably even higher than that, which is an unfair advantage and not possible according to most people, but I am sure that with your site that I can do it. For the last time, thanks. I can keep saying it, but you really changed my life. Bye man

  • What benefit is there to consuming grass fed whey proteins rather than whey from a corn fed cow? From my understanding, the issue with corn fed cows is the effect that corn has on the composition of the animals fat. I get that the cow's gene expression will be sort of different from eating corn, but does that even matter when the protein is hydrolized into amino acids during digestion?

  • I would like to hear your thought on energy medicine. Assuming you agree they have some effect, which one do you think is the most efficient and effective? I have had great results with B.E.S.T ( But little to no results on others. What are your thoughts of EFT, Acupuncture, and Homeopathy etc

  • Dear Bulletproof ladies and gentlemen;


    how do you tackle a studying block?


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    I'd like to ask Dave if he planned on being live at one of the "3rd Thursday of the month" meetings at the SILICON VALLEY HEALTH INSTITUTE in the next year or so, or if he happened to be in the area and spontaneously planned to drop in, if he'd give some notice here.  It would be cool to meet him.  Last month had a conflict with signing my son up for high school on same date, and this month I have a live fantasy baseball draft, but hopefully I'll be able to join and start making it there monthly.

    Seeing through the chaotic.
  • Pretty please do a tutorial on curing your own bacon and salmon. I like to carry cured meats and hard boiled eggs in a slice of tin foil as a survival pack in case I get somewhere and can't find clean food. Now the trader joes salmon isn't working for me and I need to cure my own. Plus I'd feel better prepping it myself.

    Also what are some of your survival tactics when you get marooned some sorry place with no BP foods?


    | scott crucean
  • How can you find out if you have the genetic predisposition to recirculate your bile?  Is there some SNP you can look up on your 23andme results?

  • When I was still an infant my family and I lived in a small apartment by an highway with a lot of water damage and mold growth, we moved after the whole family got really sick and had to be picked up by an ambulance, my mother told me the old apartment had water damage and mold growth. What can  exposure to mycotoxins at such an young age affect? Also keep in mind growing up I was not get all the nutrients I needed, I know most of the food was clean (low toxins) because most of the meals were vegetarian with small portions of meat. 

    I don't seem to have any cognitive problems that I know of I perform well in school, can read books and focus is this something I should continue to dwell on (early age exposure)?

  • What is the ratio of caprylic acid (c8) to capric acid (C10) in Upgraded MCT Oil?

  • I'd love to see some more podcasts with people who disagree with Dave, as well disagree with similar protocols. My vote would be Coach Scott Abel.  

  • I'd love to see some more podcasts with people who disagree with Dave, as well disagree with similar protocols. My vote would be Coach Scott Abel.  

    Who is Coach Scott Abel?

  • Scott Abel developed two workout protocols: Metabolic Enhancement training, and Innervation training. I did the 5 Day MET training, and it was incredible! Not so sure I agree with his diet recommendations, (actually I don't)  but the workouts were fantastic, and I got dramatic results. Also, I did it with much lighter weights than I had been previously using, and my joints thanked me for it. But they were grueling workouts, nevertheless. I highly recommend his programs and his book, but only for people who are serious gym rats. For most people, I think it might be too intense. 


    (Additionally, he seems to sometimes have an attitude of "I'm right and everyone else in the fitness industry is wrong!" which can be off putting)

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    I'd love to see some more podcasts with people who disagree with Dave, as well disagree with similar protocols. My vote would be Coach Scott Abel.  

    I'd like to see a broader range of guests as well, as opposed to ones that simply agree with everything dave says.

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    Just a reminder: This thread is for asking Dave questions.  Make sure that you have a question mark and phrase your question with an interrogative syntax.


    There is a separate thread for podcast guest suggestions:




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    Dave: what are your thoughts on Kerrygold cheese? Grass-fed cheddar can't be bad right?!?
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