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  • Should you use capsules or tablets for vitamins and supplements?

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    Now that I know how this thread works (Thanks Mods) I do have a question for Dave. On this page you recommend Kava Stress Relief Tea. Upon someone pointing out that it contains malted ingredients (Mycotoxins) and Gluten you then respond and, in a way, agree that it is not a great product. You still have the affiliate link up. I'm a little confused as to if you have used this product yourself and/or even recommend it? 



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    Thanks to the internet, health experts, and my unending curiosity, I have overcome: excessive sweating (adrenal fatigue), anxiety and panic attacks, extremely high estrogen levels (man boobs), chronic brain fog (yeast overgrowth), depression, and am currently battling SIBO (took it from being so bloated it felt like my stomach skin was going to rip, slept 2 hours per night for a week because of upset stomach and being chronically fatigued to very mild, manageable but still annoying symptoms) and currently battling sleep deprivation/insomnia probably due to the SIBO/Leaky Gut and resulting histamine intolerance.

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    So I asked this here but didn't get an answer.


    BPC keeps us full and energized for a while even if we drink it quickly, so there must be some kind of lipid or energy storage effect, whether in our intestines, blood, liver, or somewhere else. How exactly are the lipids/energy from BPC stored in the body, especially if we've replenished glycogen recently during a carb refeed day? My question is about the butter specifically, because MCT is absorbed and processed via a different pathway. 


    Is it:


    1) Pancreatic Lipase is a rate-limiter, so the fat stays in your intestines and only slowly leaches into enterocytes (intestinal cell walls,) at the rate that PL can break it down to monoglycerides and free fatty acids?


    2) Re-formed triglycerides in enterocytes chill out in the enterocytes until they are ready to be formed into chylomicrons? (chylomicron formation as a rate-limiter)


    3) There are so many triglycerides in the enterocytes that only some form chylomicrons and the rest are released as free triglycerides and float around until they are used? (trig uptake as a rate-limiter)


    4) You get elevated blood chylomicrons which float around providing energy to cells?


    5) Elevated chylomicrons are broken down in the liver into a bunch of VLDL which then floats around dropping off fatty acids at a cells via LDL receptors?


    6) The liver gets so many fatty chylomicrons that it switches to ketosis even when it has glycogen?


    7) Something else?



    By the way, I'm basing a lot of my understanding of lipid metabolism on this video from WellnessFX, and the stuff I'm talking about starts at 3:57 (time linked)

  • Hi:  


    I am new to the forum.  I need to lose 40 pounds.  I need help to make sure that I use the best regimen.


    For the last couple of days I have been having BP coffee (coffee, 2 tbsp MCT oil, 1 tbsp grass fed unsalted butter) in the morning and didn't feel good.  I am also working on thyroid and adrenal issues.  I have a lot of variable work shifts so have progressively shot my adrenals and have progressively put on too much weight (too many night shifts in the medical field).  When I am not on night shift I take:


    8 AM-thyroid medication (NatureThroid)

    8:30 AM-adrenal support

    9 AM-BP drink (hot water, 1 tsp. gelatinized maca powder, 2 tbsp MCT oil, 1 tbsp grassfed butter +/- small amount of coffee).  I also do 50-60 grams of protein (1/2 beef gelatin and 1/2 whey protein isolate).  I know whey protein spikes insulin but I'm hoping isolate doesn't as much though I haven't been able to find anything.

    12 PM-adrenal support if needed

    1PM-7PM eat low carb with 1 fruit or some good starch


    I really would like to work out in the morning  but don't feel the clarity and energy that I expected with just the BP coffee.  I am generally just not that productive in the morning.  


    I read on one post that it is recommended for those with leptin issues to take protein in the morning.  I know whey spikes  insulin, so would gelatin with collagen or BCAA or whey protein isolate be ok?  


    I feel that it is hard just having such a narrow window to eat mostly because I have a hard time working out with nothing in my system and then either don't work out or work out during my feeding time.


    Also, I know intermittent fasting in general is bad for those with leptin resistance so am wondering if BP IF is also not so good.   It seems that Jack Kruse's recs for mastering leptin are slightly different from bulletproof.  Jack Kruse recommends largest meal in the morning and smallest meal at dinner with 2-3 meals a day (no snacking).  I think earlier eating works better for me.  Anyone, especially women, that need to lose weight have experience with this?


    From what I understand, those with adrenal issues should not be really low carb but I notice that I have a hard time losing weight if I don't stay lower carb.


    Any thoughts or opinions, especially from women, that have had good success with weight loss?  



  • Also, for my long night shifts, what can I do to keep the damage of night shift to a minimum and also to function best at nights.  Working nights is not pleasant and I have noticed weight gain, fatigue (adrenal fatigue), hair loss, and poorer vision.   I know I need to get a better shift but that's not an option now.


    Any recs in terms of diet, exercise, supplements, etc. would be helpful. 

  • How did Dave get six pack abs while eating 4000 calories a day? How?

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    Hair?! All about Hair! An issue central to so many people's lives, concerns, and self-esteem, and yet it has rarely been discussed by the biohacking community, and only with glancing blows and a few hit-and-runs at that. Danny Roddy has been mentioned, but his diet strays quite dramatically from Bulletproof in several significant ways.


    So what does the Bulletproof/biohacking lifestyle have to say about hair loss, gray hair, thinning, etc.? Can it be dealt with in a ketotic state, or must one resort to drastically increased sugar and carb consumption like Danny Roddy recommends? What say you about copper and/or iodine supplementation? There's anecdotal evidence that the increased blood flow and capillarization from inversion therapy improves scalp health, but can science confirm it?


    I hope I speak for many when saying I'd love a significantly more in-depth and detailed look into all issues 'hair'!

  • How come Nuvigil has a different long lasting effect at night ..vs.. early morning ?

      ( it seems to bring on mental clarity and vigilance later in the afternoon or after sun down )

    ( in the morning creates an edgy effect and than a crash - sleep deprivation)  


    any reference to steven fowkes on ph levels fluxuating and lighting ?  our bodies have different chemistry through the day  ...rite?




  • I've seen some discussion of natto on the boards, but no answer to how bulletproof it is.


    Soy is listed in the toxic section of the diet. Does the vitamin k and pqq found in fermented soy outweigh the fact that it's soy?

  • What is helicobacter pylori, how is it detected, what does it do to the human body, how can it be eliminated, and does the BP diet help eliminate the bacteria?
  • Would it be worth it to purchase natural salt from Aztec Sea Salt?

    Also, has BP looked into using a better ziplock bag for its packaged goods like the Upgraded Whey and Collagen? The current packages' sealing lock is pretty terrible, and does not close very well. Just a thought, and it's not really that big of a deal.

    Thanks for the ear,


    (too broke to buy the BP canister)
  • I would love to hear more about physiological insulin resistance induced by a VLC diet.  There is relatively little information balancing high FBG from eating a ketogenic diet and the negative impact of having a FBG above 85 for longevity reasons.


    Alternatively ways to lower FBG while already eating VLC would be a fantastic topic that is not well represented currently.  


    Thanks for all the great information!

  • Will any of these questions actually be addressed?

    It's all relative.

  • Hello!


    I was wondering if there are any suggestions as to how long one should wait to do High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) after drinking Bulletproof Coffee. I typically drink my coffee around 7 am and wait until 10 am on days that I do HIIT, but I am experiencing some negative side effects. I am in extremely good shape and find it hard to catch my breath, my heart beats extremely fast, and my esophagus feels "acidic." I do not experience these symptoms to the degree of magnitude on days that I am just weight training. I should also mention that in conjunction to drinking my bulletproof coffee in the morning, I add a lemon to16 oz of water to help regulate my pH. Could this be contributing to the negative symptoms I feel during HIIT? Is there anything I can do/take to mitigate the symptoms so I can still do my HIIT in the mornings?


    Thank you for the help!


    Blessings & Gratitude,



  • What is Dave's opinion of killing environmental mold using essential oil diffusers?


    (You can find the referenced blend from other sellers, )


  • Hi Dave,


    My boyfriend recently converted me to the BP lifestyle and all I have to say is thank you! I've always considered myself to be an extremely healthy, active, and informed person, but I recently learned that I have been following the wrong advice. I too, have Lyme Disease, and after only 3 weeks of BPC my brain fog has drastically decreased!


    Now for my question: I have always been an extremely active person and working out intensely at least 5 days a week has been my physical outlet for stress. Because this has been a big part of my life, I feel a little lost about how to incorporate working out on the Bulletproof Diet since it is not recommended to workout frequently. I know you have had plenty of guests speak about this, but I feel like all the information on this topic is more geared towards men and that the female guests who have spoken about this either workout/train many hours a day (which is not ideal/recommended on a BPD) or are giving workout advice for older women. 


    I am a female in my early 20s and it would be so wonderful if you can elaborate on the type of workout regimen and frequency that would be beneficial for women in their 20s, especially those who do enjoy working out! Any advice you can give is greatly appreciated! 

  • Question:I read that there was an digestive enzyme that helps breaking down histamine, any thing to spend some money on?
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    Is there anything wrong with using CES for sleep while grounded electrically?  I've tried it once or twice but it occurs to me that I may be defeating the purpose of one or the other, or both.

  • What is the importance of cycling antioxidants?
  • Can I maintain ketosis


    1) when I add collagen in BP morning coffee

    2) when I eat coconut butter instead of coconut oil or butter during ketosis?

  • Yes please, more discussion of bullet proof diet and women, and intermittent fasting and the risk of rising cortisol levels.
  • EYE HEALTH.  I would love a podcast on specifically that.

  • is there a way to get rid of the bags under my eyes? some days are blackish hue and others are just puffy bags?

  • So I'm pretty new here.  I love my bulletproof coffee and listen to the podcast religiously.  I article I read about a guy that lost a tremendous amount of weight after a couple of rounds of antibiotics is what got me interested in the gut biome biohacking, and eventually this site.  So i am getting ready to have a colonoscopy and wondered what that would do to my gut biome and if this is the perfect time to try and make things right and what to do? 

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    Welcome to the BP Forum, Corey 2.0 and justcrawford! It looks like you are both off to a good start here, but if you need assistance, let the moderators know.


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  • Should people get their amalgam fillings removed?
  • I've decided that I will do the 40 Years of Zen training. And I know that it will take several years of moonlighting and penny-pinching to be able to afford it. What that means is that I've got several years to prepare for it, as well. So what can I do that will best prepare me for the 40 Years of Zen training, so that when I do it I will get the absolute most I can out of it?


    Currently, I meditate with the Emwave on a regular basis, and besides that I'm not using any advanced brain gear or taking any nootropics.

  • I have heard Dave talk about how being in ketosis for too long is bad.... Can anyone tell me why? Or the podcast where/he talks about why?
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    I have heard Dave talk about how being in ketosis for too long is bad.... Can anyone tell me why? Or the podcast where/he talks about why?




    It's not ketosis that's bad, it's being super low-carb without a carb refeed for an extended period of time. Refeeds will take you out of ketosis. You need carbs for mucous production - including the mucous lining your gut, and also to keep a few hormones at normal levels. Search "carb refeed" in the forums for more.

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