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  • I'd be interested to hear suggestions and possible BP IF modifications for hypoglycemics. I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia years ago through a 5 hour blood glucose test, and start to have symptoms if I go too many hours without eating but still want to get the benefits of the intermittent fasts.

  • Hey Dave,

    In November 2015, I had a a motocross crash( I race professionally) that left me with a 20 day vacation in the hospital. I suffered a tore Duodenom, 2 hernia's on my diaphragm as well as sever Pancreas and Liver trauma. I was leaking raw stomach acid into my body, and had a 3.5 hr surgery to fix these issues. Within a few months of the surgery I was able to maintain and digest I normal diet. However I was also Suffering from Bulimia Nervosa from Aug 2015- Sept 2016. I have been fortunate enough to move past the depression/ E.D through seeking Professional help and family support! Moral of the story, my gut as well as the rest of my body have suffered from all this trauma. What testing/ supplements can I take/do to really boost myself into a Bulletproof life, more then just the diet?

    I have taken it upon myself to source out a knowledgable MD in Edmonton (Dr. Trethart) and will be getting a full Cyrex labs panel performed on Feb.6th. I drink Upgraded Collagen, bone broth, and bulletproof coffee everyday, as well as other vitamins and minerals. But as a professional athlete, I want to make sure I am covering all my bases!

    I am a major Fan / Believer of the Bulletproof Life!

    Dylan Kaelin

  • A comment rather than a question in regards to new Iodine product. Glad to see you didn't go overboard with amount of iodine. The 150-300mcg/day recommendation is wise. At this level you are working with the complex iodine uptake mechanisms within the thyroid, not against. Flooding the thyroid with mega doses of iodine is risky especially for those with autoimmune thyroid disorders.

  • When will the WBV platform be available in Canada?! I can't wait to try it!!

  • Can Dave put out some more BP "juicing" or "shake" recipes (i.e. that don't contain the standard fruit in most juice recipes)?? I'm such a fan of the juicing because it's quick and easy to make a huge batch at night and throw into a thermos to take with me wherever I have to be for work, but from what I've been discussing with other BP'ers, a lot of the juices made from juicing aren't great for a BP diet because they all contain fruits, even if they are fruits in the green zone. Any recipe suggestions?

  • How do I learn the art and science of biohacking? I am just an ordinary girl with an ordinary life.

  • Hi all, I'm 53 10 lbs over weight, What causes high glucose even when one is on a low carb diet ? I've been carb aware for many years since following Atkins lol. Never even thought to look at my numbers and now I'm pre diabetic. Also I need a referral to a local wellness doctor for Orange County California that can be my primary physician?

  • Hi, I love BP Coffee and the high-fat morning meals but my gallbladder simply cannot handle it. For the last 5-10 years, any coffee has given me 'acid belly' (I used to experience something similar if I would smoke a cigarette on an empty stomach in my 20's) which is quickly sedated when I opt to eat some food. When I do BP coffee, the pain is less intense but it eventually gets to a point where I have to eat to stop the pain in my abdomen (I think this is GB related although may also be blood sugar related). The defeats one of the main purposes of BP coffee - killing your appetite and extending fast. I've tried making tea in the AM with brain octane and it's much easier for me to handle but at times, still kicks up the GB issues. If I do BP coffee and then eat a 'good fat meal' (e.g. smoothie with avo, nut butter, vanilla, brain octane, etc.), the pain only grows worse. No practitioner has been able to shed light on why this happens. I would like to adopt more of the BP diet but I feel like I need to eat carbs in the morning, the morning being 10-11 AM because I usually have 2-3 beverages before eating for the day. My last meal is usually around 6-7 pm. I eat eggs and fish but no other animal protein simply because my body doesn't want it (and this has been true since I was 10 years old).

    Do you have any suggestions for supplements, altered routines, etc. to support my GB and/or allow me to adopt more of the BP diet? Coconut oil sits very well with me but I'm more careful with avocado, butter, other fats.
    I already supplement with bile acid factors when eating fat and have seen success with Metagenetics Lipo-gen with meals. But I think that both of these supplements are too strong to be taken with BP coffee - thoughts? If I do not supplement with digestion, I am very constipated and bloated.
    I've done a GB cleanse but did not release any stones and the overall process seems quite intense for my body so I'm hesitant to repeat. I do coffee enemas regularly and am homozygous for MTHFR.

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    Are mycotoxins an issue with Superfruit / Superfood powders and common herbs + spices? Is there any chance of bulletproof culinary herbs and other superfood type powders down the line?

    It would sure be nice if there was some way of knowing the average heavy metal / mycotoxin content in products, or some guarantee that it was below a very strict limit, short of e-mailing the company (only to find that they're unwilling to disclose this information or don't routinely test this themselves.)

    I was thinking about how moldy most dried fruit seem to be, and was curious if this would apply to something like organic maqui berry powder -- would I be better off with maqui berry / fruit extracts (often filled with silica, rice bran, maltodextrin, etc.) or are these bulk freeze-dried powders relatively clean?

  • My boyfriend and I recently discovered a toxic mold problem in our apartment. Over the past 3 years of living here, I’ve developed Hashimotos, chronic sinusitis, migraines, cystic acne and horrible brain fog. Thanks to your awareness work on toxic mold, I was finally able to make the connection, though I regret it wasn’t sooner. We've since decided to move out of the apartment and now I’m looking for some advice on detoxing from the prolonged mold exposure. Unfortunately with all the moving expenses, we can’t afford to see a mold specialist. Can you recommend some things we can do or supplements we can take in order to help our bodies recover and detox?

  • Help! I would love for Dave to do a podcast about repetitive strain injury and fascia and the best supplements and training for treatment/prevention. I am currently taking BP collagen and callagelatin and I would not even be able to work without it. However I am still struggling to keep up, I do about an hour or more of stretching and training a day to try to keep my forearms from tightening up anymore but then I go to work and they tighten back up again causing wrist strain. I'm pretty sure that if I was doing the BP diet fully I would have a lot of improvement, but I'm currently living in remote Australia with limited access to quality foods and have had to make a fair few compromises. But at least I am able to get the supplements delivered. In addition go the collagen what else would be a good supplement to help me with this? Thanks heaps!

  • I would love an episode on fertility and pregnancy. Like an updated Better Baby Book with all the latest research and science.

    Let's say I'm already eating BP and plan on getting pregnant 6-9 months from now.

    When do I stop WBV training?

    Any updated protocols for cleansing up to that point?

    Can I drink BPC while pregnant?

  • ?Dave i enjoy drinking bulletproof coffee in the morning is it ok to drink acv at night also?

  • Dave, I once heard you say something to the effect of "Most people think that they have to workout like a fiend but in reality they should be recovering like a fiend". Can you offer some tips, tricks, or hacks to make my post workout recovery bulletproof? Thanks

  • Hi Dave and Mark, there seem to be many thousands of reviews online with people shouting from the rooftops about their results from ingesting Diatomaceous Earth. Apparently there are only benefits, like improved digestion, skin, hair, nails, and lessening of general ailments and ridding of parasites. The only thing I can find against it, is that it may interfere with good bacteria, but that you could take probiotics or fermented foods to counteract this. Please can you give your views. Thanks, Lynn, UK.

  • Dave, can you recommend how to cycle in bio identical hormones and how long to use them? Why is there hardly any findings or protocols for women in our early 50s? We are a huge population, born at the end of the babyboomer generation. My research always leaves me wondering what to do

  • This is on the topic of frying. I've read: "Deep-frying is one of the worst ways to cook your food, as it bathes your food in oxidized fats, denatured proteins, and glycated sugars. The high temperatures used during deep-frying produce a number of toxic compounds that may increase your risk of cancer."
    What I'm wondering is... what if deep frying isn't actually at high temperatures? 320 F seems to be the line you've drawn in the sand. So, is there any reason we can't deep fry in coconut oil at 300 degrees F?

  • Tips for Night Workers!

    Best foods, practices, supplements for staying alert / maximising performance during night time working?

    Advice for recovery and protecting health from night time working on rest days?

    Anything other to consider?

  • Does bulletproof coffee spike your insulin? And does bulletproof coffee really promote actual fat loss or does it just blow out your system and evacuate your intestines giving the illusion of fat loss by acting as some kind of a turbo charged liquid fiber/laxative? I love bulletproof coffee, I drink it every day, I'm also a big fan of Gary taubes....a small piece of animal protein with my bulletproof will stop me from getting dizzy in a couple hours and keeps me going longer

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    What is dave's go to test when he wants to look at his gut function? (He recently mentioned discovering an amoeba in his GI tract.)

    I was trying to look up some options, but there's a ton of overlap between the providers (eg. Genova, Dr's Data) and the dozens of panels available.

  • You mentioned in a podcast with Dr Riordan discussing Vitamin C, that too much liposomal Vitamin C or liposomal anything is harmful due to high Omega 6 content, therefor being harmful to the mitochondria. Can you expand on that and tell us how much is too much and is there an alternative?


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    hi Dave, first of, your book is like my bibel, its helped me so much with everything including adrenal fatigued and candida overgrow, thank you so much for that.

    I have one thing left that makes life hard and makes it harder to stay on the bulletproof diet.
    I have often days where I get extremely blood sugar symptoms, unable to concentrate, very shaky, fatigue, just a very extreme horrible feeling. when I do measure my blood sugar levels I am around 90 which I know is a good level.
    so why is this happing to me?
    any advice would be so so so so appreciated.

    just to be clear I also had this before I was on the bulletproof diet

    I am 34 years old 5.11 and weigh 148. female

    any answers or advice from anyone is welcome ;)

  • Hi Dave,

    I have an endless supply of Modalert 200mg.

    I am using it to predict future about a few games and had some luck in earning a few bucks.

    Got shocked and surprised at first when the results were all what I predicted. I also placed bet and almost turn my amount to 5 times.

    I do not use it on weekends. Just weekdays are made for earning money.

    Well, Can you suggest me any more opportunities of increasing my bank balance.

    Thnx in advance.

  • Hi, thank you for answering such a wide variety of questions.

    Six years ago I had Visian ICL lenses put in my eyes to correct my vision. ICL stands for implantable collamer lense and they are like a permanent contact slipped into the eye that is surgically removable. I was not a candidate for lasik and this seemed like a good, although more expensive alternative at the time. These lenses come with UV protection although I always felt that was unnecessary especially since they are beneath the outer surface of the eye. I have heard you mention how important it is that the mitochondria in the eye are stimulated by sunlight and am wondering if you think this UV protection would affect my mitochondria in a negative way. This question may apply to many more people than the few that have had this procedure because I believe that standard contact lenses also have UV protection.

    Thank you,

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    Hello Dave. Last week, I got T-boned by a reckless driver, on the driver side.
    Outcome: (I got lucky in many ways, that's the way I choose to see it, but still...)

    • 3 broken ribs
    • broken pelvis
    • punctured lung
    • lacerated liver.

    ****What hacks would you suggest that help with bone strengthening and overall healing? More collagen? More protein? More L-Glutamine?****

    Thanks in advance,

  • hi Dave I was hoping you could do a podcast about genes, me myself I have the apoa2 gene and the genetic data suggests a low saturated fat diet for that . am I doomed to nit be able to do the bulletproof diet?

  • I just bought a bottle of Brain Octane and I am just wondering if it is still beneficial to take (daily with my coffee) while not practicing a Keto diet or being in a state of ketosis? Will I gain fat if I eat a normal diet and still take brain octane oil?

  • Hi DAve! Thanks for all you do. I have learned a ton from you. Right now I am trying to make sure I get enough iodine in my diet. I live in the US midwest and have heard that we need to supplement here, as there is not enough iodine in the soil. What do you think of kelp? Are the oceans too contaminated to eat seaweed these days? Can organic sources be trusted, such as Oregon's Wild Harvest, Mountain Rose Herbs, or Maine Coast? Thanks!

  • Hi Dave, I have recently finished my Bsc in Software Development in Ireland and Have embarked on my career search. As I will have to do interviews and technical interviews, Have you any tips to help with verbal fluency, alertness without the jitters and such which will be required in the interview situation, I have recently begun supplementing with my own version of CILTEPT(Bought ingredients individually) which im hoping will help, I also follow the bulletproof diet and drink BPC regularly which may also help. I am in ireland so certain things arnt very easy to get a hold of like racetams unfortunately

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