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  • Hi Dave,

    I have an endless supply of Modalert 200mg.

    I am using it to predict future about a few games and had some luck in earning a few bucks.

    Got shocked and surprised at first when the results were all what I predicted. I also placed bet and almost turn my amount to 5 times.

    I do not use it on weekends. Just weekdays are made for earning money.

    Well, Can you suggest me any more opportunities of increasing my bank balance.

    Thnx in advance.

  • Hi, thank you for answering such a wide variety of questions.

    Six years ago I had Visian ICL lenses put in my eyes to correct my vision. ICL stands for implantable collamer lense and they are like a permanent contact slipped into the eye that is surgically removable. I was not a candidate for lasik and this seemed like a good, although more expensive alternative at the time. These lenses come with UV protection although I always felt that was unnecessary especially since they are beneath the outer surface of the eye. I have heard you mention how important it is that the mitochondria in the eye are stimulated by sunlight and am wondering if you think this UV protection would affect my mitochondria in a negative way. This question may apply to many more people than the few that have had this procedure because I believe that standard contact lenses also have UV protection.

    Thank you,

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    Hello Dave. Last week, I got T-boned by a reckless driver, on the driver side.
    Outcome: (I got lucky in many ways, that's the way I choose to see it, but still...)

    • 3 broken ribs
    • broken pelvis
    • punctured lung
    • lacerated liver.

    ****What hacks would you suggest that help with bone strengthening and overall healing? More collagen? More protein? More L-Glutamine?****

    Thanks in advance,

  • hi Dave I was hoping you could do a podcast about genes, me myself I have the apoa2 gene and the genetic data suggests a low saturated fat diet for that . am I doomed to nit be able to do the bulletproof diet?

  • I just bought a bottle of Brain Octane and I am just wondering if it is still beneficial to take (daily with my coffee) while not practicing a Keto diet or being in a state of ketosis? Will I gain fat if I eat a normal diet and still take brain octane oil?

  • Hi DAve! Thanks for all you do. I have learned a ton from you. Right now I am trying to make sure I get enough iodine in my diet. I live in the US midwest and have heard that we need to supplement here, as there is not enough iodine in the soil. What do you think of kelp? Are the oceans too contaminated to eat seaweed these days? Can organic sources be trusted, such as Oregon's Wild Harvest, Mountain Rose Herbs, or Maine Coast? Thanks!

  • Hi Dave, I have recently finished my Bsc in Software Development in Ireland and Have embarked on my career search. As I will have to do interviews and technical interviews, Have you any tips to help with verbal fluency, alertness without the jitters and such which will be required in the interview situation, I have recently begun supplementing with my own version of CILTEPT(Bought ingredients individually) which im hoping will help, I also follow the bulletproof diet and drink BPC regularly which may also help. I am in ireland so certain things arnt very easy to get a hold of like racetams unfortunately

  • Hi Dave,
    my confussion is whether exogenous ketones actually put you in a state of ketosis. My thought is that one is not pulling from their fat stores but utilizing the circulating fat from exogenous ketones
    please help with some clarification

  • I am wondering/concerned about the affect a large amount of supplements per day has on the liver. I was really surprised to learn in the recent newsletter that Dave takes 150 supplements a day. Wow... and how does the body really process it all?

  • Based on my Genetic Testing I have a gene that I should avoid saturated fat otherwise it would cause weight gain (PSARG). I did not give much stock to it but after 2 weeks and 3 pounds of eating high fat low carb I am starting to believe that maybe a lower fat, low car, high protein diet could be right for me. Any thoughts on the Bullet Proof Diet not being right for all? Any info on how to Bio Hack it?

  • Hey Dave, I'm opening up a gym and i was wondering your opinion for what to get to optimize it.

    We don't have a big budget for equipment so we're starting off cheaply very nuts & bolts, however, we do have the money to create a healthy & inviting environment for our employees & clients.

    I was thinking of getting an air purifier, a standing work station, emf filters, plants, and both red lights & regular lights to alternate with when necessary.

    Is there anything else you would recommend to get?

  • Why would my red blood cell count suddenly become abnormally high. It elevated about the time I started my BP diet. I Have lost 30 pounds and feel pretty good most of the time, except for arthritis pain. Could it be that I am doing something wrong in my diet routine to cause this RBC elevation?

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    What are some things we should measure or have checked, e.g. ask for special stuff in our yearly blood panel? For instance im curious about my level of inflammation, my liver function, and thyroid status. I'm following the BP diet somewhat loosely (I'm trying to gain muscle and ive not cut out pasta) and i'd like to monitor more quantitatively how i'm doing, beyond just how i feel.

  • I am looking at doing the 2 week headstrong program. But I would like to see if it really has improved my mitochondria. Is there a test I can take that measures the health of my mitochondria? I would like to get some objective measures.

  • Hi Dave - Thanks for all you're doing, it's improving our lives! I have a question on preventing disaster pants. I imagine you must have some tricks for counteracting the laxative effects of using all the good things you're bringing to us (brain octaine, high doses of vitamine c, coffee, xylitol, etc). Is it really just a question of building up tolerance or can you share some secrets to being able to better tolerate higher amounts of these things in order to reach optimal benefits?

  • why does blue light filter work for sleep? How to get more rem and deep sleep to help hippocampus memory ? summary of sleep supplements and schedule ..

  • Dave-

    Do you or anyone have any solid knowledge on whether vast toxin release can have a negative effect on healing after surgery?

    I have had knee surgery and have an expected rehab period of 7.5 months where minimal exercise is advised. I have 45lbs to lose and still want to reach this goal. Thinking of doing the rapid fat loss protocol but have this worry!


  • Dave-

    Do you or anyone have any solid knowledge on whether vast toxin release can have a negative effect on healing after surgery?

    I have had knee surgery and have an expected rehab period of 7.5 months where minimal exercise is advised. I have 45lbs to lose and still want to reach this goal. Thinking of doing the rapid fat loss protocol but have this worry!


  • Dave, read your book, will now read more sections of it the third time. I am fascinated with your work and want to thank you for making this beautiful information available for people of lesser means.
    I would like to discuss your possible findings for females who would like to improve certain aspects of their lives. I myself have followed many of your suggestions in your book and all of them have shown great results.

    Do you have specific recommendations for people, especially females, that face hormone fluctuations when going through menopause? Also, I would be very interested what your suggestions would be for people who have celiac disease. While these conditions are often not addressed neurologically I strongly believe of the important mind body connections that we are all a part of.

    I continue to follow your work and want to congratulate you on your magnificent findings for brain health. I seldom find books this interesting. Your book is one of two books, the other one is a book from an MD, who have changed my life.
    Awesome work, thanks.

  • I know I'm late, but the Bullet Proof Executive has inspired me so much! So much, I'm planning on farming coconut on 50 acres I have in the Philippines. I'm thinking of starting a non-profit branding different coconut products (MCT oil, coconut cooking oil, etc.) to help the less fortunate on the islands. Where would you recommend getting information to manufacture these coconut with the least amount of mold?
    Thank you!

  • Dave, your podcasts are life changing & I love how you are disrupting the food and health industries, thank you!

    Here's my wish list of topics for questions and podcasts:

    A podcast on RA would be amazing

    **Can you please pull together your thinking on what seems to be conflicting systems - low lectin, high polyphenol approach and the Sirt approach which includes a lot of foods that aren't beneficial from a Headstrong/low lectin approach.

    Is there some link up between lectins and sirtuin activating foods?

    Phase 1 of the sirt diet has a kale juice 3 times a day - how much oxalic acid can you have before it starts edging towards kidney stones (ie. listened to your fb live when you were answering questions from inside the Red Charger)

    A list of light therapy devices and prices from budget to high priced, that you personally like

    A podcast on molecular hydrogen

    Mold killers that work - i.e. I just found out about a company ( that's developed a non toxic solution for mold based on an anti-superbug molecule that bonds to any surface, it seems to have many applications but I was most interested in its use for mold - more stuff like that would be great.

    Bulletproof Cockroach & pest control!" - Dave I know you live on an island and it's probably too cold for cockies but where I live in Sydney the little buggers are everywhere - napalming them with chemicals that get into our food chain or letting them slowly die in pheromone sticky glue cockroach motels are not the solutions I want, so far I've found nothing that's non toxic, effective and practical. Have you come across anyone doing amazing work or research in this field.

    Glyphosates - exactly what they are, the 4 neurotransmitter pathways they block in plants & consequently in us and all the other science, how to explain why this is so important to non-organic eating friends & family, how we can strategically disrupt Monsanto, who's doing best work in the field, who are the effective organisations and influencers like yourself

    Methyl-B12 & Methyl-Folate - I've heard it twice now - once on your podcast with Dr Mercola where he briefly mentioned that some nasty compound can sometimes get created in the body when these two sups are combined, the other mention was in the Healthcast Now podcast with guest Dr Tim Jackson, (mitochondria) - can you clarify what this reaction is.

    Remineralising distilled water - are colloidal minerals any good? what is the best water in your opinion?

    PEMF Devices - do you use them, what's your viewpoint on them, effective or not?

    EMF & Wifi protection devices - what's the latest research and what're the latest products

    that's my wish list for now, thanks Dave.

  • Why does piracetam make my chin twitch and slur my speech? My other half takes it and loves it. Totally different effects.

  • I do this thing with ejaculation now for 2 months but I don’t know it this is healthy! My balls are hurting ! I had this already beforeI I tried this but then I ejaculated and it was gone. Now there are moments where I can’t walk from the pain in my balls

  • Dave I have been following the Bulletproof Diet for last 4 months, lost 30 pounds so far but seem to be having issues with gout flare ups, have had 4 small flare ups that were not to bad, cleared up in less than a week and 1 major flare up that has me on crutches currently and will probable last 2 weeks. I have not had this many flare ups in such a short time., Any suggestions to get this from stop happening and what recommended supplements should i be taking. Do not want to go on the life long medication that my Doctor recommends.

  • There are so many things that I should be doing first thing in the morning, salt+water (sole), water+vinegar+lime (adrenal fatigue drink), the adrenal fatigue dreamsicle (cream of tartar+salt+fresh orange juice), etc.... What is the correct order?

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