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  • Hey

    I've been slowly introducing IF, and managed a full week now on my second week.

    Got to say I felt incredible last week. Tbis week however I feel I'm fighting a cold and possible Candida issues. They are mild but symptoms I usually don't have. I am a healthy woman who doesn't get sick over winter as i use broths, Echinacea & oregano oil to combat early flu symptoms.

    So what's up!?

    Last week I woyld break fast at 12pm.
    And eat a few meals a day. I'm doing 16/8 IF.

    I love to exersise at the gym and sauna between 5pm-8pm. This makes it hard to get a meal in after but will eat if i need to. (

    I'm aware that we may go through some changes whilst out bodies are switching fuel sources... But will this pass?

    Are there any reassuring success stories with how best to deal with the process?

    Should I feed my cold symptoms with breakfast lunch and dinner untill well or power through the BP diet including BF coffee for breakfast

    Thank you in advance

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