Nasal Light Therapy

Anybody try this?  If so, what kind of results have  you seen?


I have seen these things priced from $25 (obviously looks cheaply made) to $495 for a 810 nm version and a lot in between.





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    I cannot find these.... where did you find the $25 ones? Are these just LED red lights? What are the cat pointer LED laser lights? Might they be the same thing or not?

    I'm also not finding the programmable (can pick the colors and dim them) for red and blue light therapy. The one that is listed on the show notes has a comment that the first one broke and the second one the reviewer bought caught on fire.

    Basically, are we looking for grow lights? Or just LED lights?

    Sorry, not knowledgeable about electronics and all of that. Just want something I can plug into a regular socket.

    Thank you, if anyone knows about this?

  • Go to and do a search for Nasal Light Therapy.  Several on there at varying prices.


    I also received an unsolicited e-mail from a company called Dr. Martin Longevity Formulas that was selling units from Vie Light, $295-$495.

  • Thank you so much. I'm ordering the one that there is a question about set up and English instructions. We'll see how this works! :-D

  • Anyone seen the headphone lights that shine in your ears? What the heck is that all about?
  • I got mine off Amazon:


    Came from Israel, so it took about 3 weeks to get here.

    Appears to be very solid and well-made. 

    Lights up your interior nose like Rudloph the Red-nosed raindeer...


    I think it's helped alot.  So far, sinus headaches gone (after 2 weeks of use) and no need for decongestants...!

  • I really don't have any allergy or sinus issues.  Have you noticed any other positives from usage?




  • No...haven't noticed anything else...

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    Update on the "Lights in your ears" :


  • I think the intranasal device by Vie Light,a s expensive as it is, seems to have the most science behind it. Check out their website at

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    does anybody know the strenght necessary or recommended for the laser/LED light to be that gives the best results??


    i see that they measure the strength with the unit of "nm".

  • I believe you want 660 red and 860 near infrared.

  • I think that they claim the higher the frequency (nm), the deeper it can penetrate the brain.

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    I am no particle physicist, but it seems like the reverse would be true.


    Edit: Never mind, you are thinking in terms of wavelength (lambda) rather than wavelength velocity.



  • Yes, the higher numbered (nm) units are more expensive and are more powerful to penetrate the brain.  Anybody else using one and seeing positive results?

  • I'm going to start with the cheap one from Israel, then probably work my way up to the expensive one with "the most data."


    I live in a city with trees that coat everything yellow four months out of the year and there's nothing more depressing for me than when spring hits.


    I've had great results with the "for animal use only" triple-diode product from

    That thing has been like a magic wand. I'm nervous about using it on my face around the sinuses because that's so close to the eyes, but who knows... I might get desperate enough.

  • The cheap one from Israel is my favorite new toy, I am breathing easier this year than I ever have been before.

  • Danno RedDanno Red Practical Man

    Wait, Ryan, of all the things you're skeptical of, red light up the nose is something you support? Mind blown...



    Cool, I might buy one in a few weeks (would now but I just dropped $2300 and change on a 3D printer)

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    I'm game for all sorts of weird stuff, if it's reasonable on the affordability/results scale--results must be directly proportional to cost for me to try it. Orange sunglasses didn't really help me out but at $1.50 to try it, that could be done. Red light is a little further up that scale but if it really does work for muscle pain, etc. like Dave suggests I'd try it out someday. I'll have to keep my eye on this thread to see how everyone's experience pans out...I'm sure there are other threads but I don't feel like searching them out. Plus, I'm excited to see Ryan's in on it, unlike the EMF! Hey, what printer did you buy? Monoprice just released a 3D printer for $1200!!! That's a parenting hack I'm thinking of doing.

  • the Bionase intranasal red light is similar to the Vielight but a lot cheaper at $67 (vs $299)

  • LED's cost $1 people regardless of wavelength


    You can replace the $1 red LED's with $1 infra red ones

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