Liquid Fish Oil Intolerance?

Hey guys!

I just bought some liquid fish oil from , it didn't scream high quality but the price was low and it seemed quite safe.

I've never tried liquid fish oils and I've read that many people experience initial intolerance.

I started with a tablespoon but it seemed too much because my heart started beating really fast so I reduced.

Now I'm just slightly dipping my finger in the oil and that's enough to raise my heartbeat.

Does anyone have knowledge about this kind of effects?



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    I am not a fan of fish oil. It's so damn annoying burping up fish all day. I mean how gross is that. I've been taking krill oil gel caps with success. No side effects unless you count feeling good. It's also stronger, so more for your money IMO. If you can tolerate fish oil though I don't see why you wouldn't use up what you have.. I don't know what you're feeling though so you are the best judge of that. Maybe take it before you go to bed and you won't notice the side effects while your body is adjusting? I would try buying the cheapest, highest rated product on Amazon and see if you feel differently.

  • I've been using krill oil but I was eager also to test plain fish oil to weigh the two.

    The main reasons for the change were:

    1) excessive blood thinning // I was surprised during my last blood tests.

    2) cost

    3) curiosity

    I think I'll wait 'till the end of my big exams and go back to poisoning myself gradually. :P

    I have a few questions for you, Kimi. What do you mean with "stronger"? Do you feel a sensible difference between the two oils?


  • All my problems were caused by the leaky gut. Now that I fixed the issue I can tolerate fish oil normally.

    Thank you anyway for your support.

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