Micro Fasting

Hey all,


I have followed the bulletproof exec site for a while now and have recently implemented the full diet the past month and feel amazing. Also been playing around with Bulletproof fasting and it has been going well already down 5 lbs. 


Was wondering if anyone has seen Dr. Richard Lippmans micro fasting and was if there is any validity to what he is saying and if it would be worth a try. 


What I understand it to be is basically:

Consume Fiber, the 10 essential amino acids, omega fats, and multi vitamin/mineral/anti-oxidants during the day and a meal at night. He goes into great detail about how you want to consume everything that is essential to your body in micro form so you feel good while you fast and can absorb more nutrient. 


Basically now I have BP coffee for breakfast, BP coffee for lunch, a huge salad at night with grass fed beaf sometimes rice or sweet potato if i worked out before. 


If their is some validity to this would try adding the fiber EAA, omegas, and vitamins to my breakfast and lunch.




  • ZenfoodZenfood ɹǝqɯǝɯ pǝɔuɐʌp∀

    Seems OK. As long as you don't spike your insulin (requires a little carbs or ~-50 calories from protein) you will be in ketosis.

    Therefore I take about 10g of collagen in the morning with my BP coffee and a couple of hours later 10g of hydrolyzed whey protein (doesn't contain carbs).

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