Avocado Popcicles

zero33zero33 Thinks plants have feelings.
this one goes out to drumminangoleiro<br><br>
1 cup water (or coconut milk, almond milk, etc.)<br>
1/2 teaspoon stevia (or sweetener of your choice to equal 1/2 C sugar)<br>
2 small ripe avocados<br>
2 tablespoons lime juice<br>
pinch of sea salt<br><br>
put everything in a blender and blend until smooth.<br>
taste and correct sweetness if necessary.<br>
pour into molds - or if you don't have molds use a baking dish or loaf pan lined with parchment, then turn out and cut into portions after freezing, or scrape with a spoon or spade like you would a sorbet or gelato.

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