Help! Two And A Half Weeks Bp, Doing Everything Right, Gaining Weight!

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I have been two and a half weeks fully bulletproof now, and I feel good.  I have energy, I don't get hungry, my brain functions well, and I am functional.  But…  I am getting fat FAST.  (up 5LBS already, and rising.)


I am absolutely dejected.  I have been sticking to the diet completely, (except my ONE occasional cheat: homemade, organic, full-fat, grass-fed yogurt I make myself.  I have done this twice since I have started BP -- hardly responsible for 5lbs of fat.)


I have been intermittent fasting, eating mct and brain octane, organic grass-fed ghee, the lot!  And by all accounts and everything I have read, I should be losing pounds fast.  Instead, I am getting fat and I can see it and feel it in my clothes.  It is also making me a bit more irritable and volatile emotionally, but that may be because of the weight gain.  That is always depressing for a woman, especially since I am doing everything by the book!


This is a typical day:


Glutathione in the morning, as well as lots of water.

Bulletproof coffee with 1tbsp ghee, 1tbsp  MCT, and 1tbsp Brain Octane (on occasion.)

2PM (or so) -- a handful of coconut chips, steamed broccoli and asparagus, a boiled egg, some MCT oil and extra virgin olive oil, maybe some olives.

7PM (or so) -- seaweed/vegetable soup with some MCT oil, or a protein shake (collagen, blueberries, a few almonds, some turmeric, maca, or some such.)

   OR -- a can of sardines, steamed broccoli, seaweed.


Supplements: (mostly taken with my largest meal at 2PM)  Krill oil; vit. B; vit. D; vit. K2; occasionally fish oil; fiber; turmeric; sometimes, coq10; vit. C.


Through all of this, starting in the morning, I drink lots of hot water with ginger pieces and a few slices of lemon, plus water.  Also, everything is organic, non-gmo, grass-fed.


I am never hungry, never weak, feel perfectly fine most of the time…  Except for the FAT that is getting in the way all of a sudden!


My cheats:  Occasionally I eat some home-made grass-fed goat yogurt, full fat, because I love the stuff -- I am Bulgarian, and we take our yogurt seriously.  That said, I have only done this twice since I started BP.  Also, blueberries twice a week or less.  For carbs, once every two weeks (I have only done it once since starting BP,) I eat kabocha squash, baked, with ghee and cinnamon.


I do Pilates once or twice a week, a little bit every morning also, mostly stretching and yoga, and I move around a lot.  Maybe not enough lately, but still…  I have never gained weight this fast, even when eating pizza and drinking beer!


My sleep:  I sleep better than I have in a long time, although a bit too late.  I go to bed at 2:30AM or so, and wake up at 10:30.  I am trying to shift it back to a more traditional hour, but I do wake up with energy and I feel fine.  I used to suffer from really bad sleep, so now I am very happy and feel much better.



Please help me, if you can.  Has anyone had the same experience?  Could BP just not be for me?  I feel like eating all of this fat is making me fat, but all the podcasts, blogs, and paleo gurus say that the exact opposite should happen.  Any suggestions are welcome, as I am, frankly, desperate.  Very very upset.  Thank you!



  • What kind and how many carbs are you eating?   Reduce the amounts of fats slightly and see what happens. 

  • Hi Parker!


    Almost no carbs.  Once or twice a week, I have some blueberries in a smoothie.  Once or twice, I had some baked kabocha squash.  A teaspoon of honey at night, once or twice.  That's IT!


    I will reduce MCT and butter and see what happens…  The reason I haven't is because according to Dave, that makes you burn fat.  And fight hunger.  So, I thought it was the right thing to do, especially with Intermittent Fasting.

  • Thanks for your feedback, Jason.  I posted in this thread because it is for women, and I thought different readers were here and perhaps women PBers might have a different perspective, given the difference in physiology.  That said, yes -- as you can see, I am a bit stressed, and getting rather conflicting information.  "Eat more carbs.  Eat less carbs. etc."


    I appreciate your critique, but perhaps it would be more helpful to tell me, (if you care to of course,) how I am not eating properly.  I eat when I am hungry, and I eat until I am full.  I can't imagine eating more than I already do, except perhaps if I didn't IT.


    I don't expect you to devote your time and energy in responding, if you are annoyed by my posts.  I appreciate all you have shared so far.  But if you do have some thoughts and ideas, I'd be grateful.

  • I haven't seen your other threads, so lacking that context, but wanted to chime in and ask what tests you have done, especially hormone tests preferably blood and saliva.

    If your hormones are out of harmony, you could eat almost anything or as "perfect" as possible, and if the hormones aren't addressed, your results will be less than ideal.

    Also, what is your age, current weight, activity level, and brief history before jumping onboard the BP diet train?


    Female bodies respond much differently than male bodies, and I've seen many women try BP as closely as they can, yet have to augment it quite a bit to support healthy hormone levels.

    Stress, exercise, genetic lineage, environmental factors, and many other variables all help to be taken into consideration before making serious changes too quickly.

    As a woman, you may need to strategically up your carbs more often each week. That's the biggest pattern I've seen help women dial in BP for them healthfully and sustainably.

    So far it seems like you've brought a lot of conscious intention to what you're doing, and are committed to making changes to your experiments in order to achieve your desired end results :-) That will get you much farther than most!

  • Jason -- thanks for the info.  I will check out myfitnesspal -- never done it before.  I was intentionally conservative in the protein department, because I wanted to avoid eating too much protein.  So, I will up it a little.  Perhaps double it?  


    For the record -- I am 36, healthy and strong, 135lbs, (was 130 until a week or so ago,) and would like to get to 125 or less.  Genetically, I come from healthy stock, no diseases, no obesity, all good as far as I can tell.  No medications.


    Neuroninja, I have not tested my hormones in years -- mostly because of the costs involved.  Since I have felt fine, regular periods, and general good health, I have not thought of doing it.  I have started BP from a place of general good health, but 10LBS in excess of what I find comfortable.  (Which is why I found BP.) 


    My activity level is not great.  I do Pilates once or twice a week, sometimes three times.  The rest is just running around NYC, climbing up and down my stairs (5 floors,) and doing some yoga/stretching/push-ups and such at home in the morning.


    I would love to find my 'sweet spot' for autophagy and go there often.  I will try all of your suggestions, and thank you for contributing!

  • So, according to Myfitnesspal, after my bulletproof coffee, (1tbsp butter, 1tbsp MCT,) my fat intake for the day is done.  Could that be true?  I don't know what the numbers mean, but it says my daily goal is 40.  (40 what?)  Also, it is based on 1200 calories per day.  I have never counted calories, but everything I have learned from Bulletproof so far has been the opposite of counting calories.  What do you think?

  • Ah, I understand what you mean now about myfitnesspal.  I could just use it as a calculator.  I didn't think of that.  :)


    I will be completely honest:  I have visited your "Bulletproofing the Athlete" thread several times in the last couple of days, and while I am sure it is brilliant, (and it is no doubt helping many people,) to me it is as if written in Chinese.  Please take no offense to this -- it is my deficiency, not the thread's.


    My bottom line is this:  I am not a biohacker, nor do I want to be.  I am not an athlete.  I am investing this time (60% or so of my time over the last two weeks) to understanding as much as I can about my (the) body, in order to live better.  For me, living better means not having to think about it all the time.  What attracted me to Bulletproof is that it made sense.  Common sense.  My goal is to be strong and healthy, to lose 10LBS, and to not eat toxins.  I have never counted callories or grams, (do you guys use a food scale to know all this gram info?) but I can comprehend ratios.  That is why myfitnesspal, used in the way you suggest, will be graspable for me.


    The reason I started this (seemingly frantic) thread is that I am trying to understand the root cause of sudden weight gain.  As I see it, it could be one of three things:  1.  I have whacked out my hormones by the sudden (but not drastic) change in diet, namely BP IF - or - 2. I have eaten too much fat and thus, my caloric intake is much higher than the same amount of food with less fat, - or - 3.  I have put my body in the 'fight or flight' response by dropping carbs too much and too suddenly, and not eating enough (although I have not been hungry for a second.)  I suppose 1 and 3 are related, really.


    Understanding what has done this can help me reverse the damage, (or at least stop gaining weight,) and hopefully, lose this new BP weight and the old 10LBS.


    According to myfitnesspal, (I didn't find a pie chart or percentages,) it seems I am taking in too little food.  That is probably it, huh...

  • Thanks, Jason.  I am another pound up from yesterday and as I type this, I am crying hysterically.  I will do all of these things you suggest, but I am starting to lose my mind.  I have dreams about this stuff now.

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    What were you eating before? And how much were you eating? Is it possible you are now eating calories more whilst on BP? Also strange question but have you been regular since on BP?

  • Hi Nmdcunha.  Before, I was eating the same but less fat and some carbs.  Ocasionally, pizza.  Lots of red wine.  Feta cheese.  Oat bran.  But really, not very different from BP except the fat.  No MCT (except coconut chips) and no butter for sure.


    Regular in what sense?  Elimination -- yes.  Period -- it has not been long enough to tell, but I'd be curious.

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    Hi Mrs Floyd,


    I don't know you and I don't know what you are eating from day to day. I know you said that you gained weight. Are you sure it is fat you gained? Muscle gain?.  Are you retaining more water because you are not consuming enough or too little sodium? People new to high fat/ low carb eating styles experience the side effects of elevated insulin which makes the kidneys start hoarding sodium, which leads to bloating and excess water weight.


    Second, as a woman you should never , ever use a common household scale as a measurement tool. Let alone get on it daily or even weekly.  It is unreliable. Your weight fluctuates from hour to hour and day to day depending on your menstruation cycles, ovulation, water weight and other hormonal changes in your body.  The scale is a poor indicator and it will make you crazy. Toss it.


    Measuring your waist or how you feel in your clothes is a better indication. The first time I ever tried a low-carb diet (years ago before paleo / bulletproof was all the rage), I also gained weight but my shorts were roomier in the waist because I was gaining muscle.


    Another factor to consider, everyone's body takes a different amount of time to switch or adjust from burning sugar to burning fat.  Some people take a week. Some people take months.  You have only given this 2 1/2 weeks. Are you in ketosis? Perhaps you are more sensitivity to certain foods than others that throw you out of ketosis?. I don't know because I don't know what you have been eating and I am not there to test your ketone levels in your blood.


    IF is also another form of stress.  If you are changing your diet and the schedule of your eating plus have other stresses that already exist in your life. It may be too much stress for you, signaling your body to pump out more cortisol causing you to retain or put on more fat.  (and if your crying hysterically over gaining weight, this is a fair indicator that you are too stressed).


    Are you chewing gum or popping mints to freshen your breath not realizing the sugar or chemical sugars are throwing your metabolism off? Are you eating enough food  (putting your body into starvation mode)?  Are you not eating enough fat? (1 TBSP of MCT and 1 TBSP of grass-feed butter per day is not enough)


    Another factor, what probiotics are you putting in your yogurt? This could be causing inflammation. On this website there is an article about it. Why Yogurt and Probiotics Make You Fat and Foggy | The Bulletproof Executive



    So here is my advise. Throw away the scale.  Take a deep breath. Relax. Decrease your stress level.  Read more. Be patient.  Do more research.  Ask yourself alot of questions.  Arm yourself with more knowledge.  Get more realistic tools to measure your progress. (I track my blood glucose and ketone levels, take a picture of myself in the same bathing suit every 3 to 6 weeks and/or take basic measurements)  Write things down so you know where you have been to determine what works best for you. It takes time to finely tune.   


    Keep smiling 

  • Hello Twigg!


    What a lovely post, thank you!


    You are right about the scale.  I use it as a supplemental tool.  What I am going by is definitely my waist, my clothes.  This is different than the kind of fat I gain when I eat pizza and drink beer.  It's soft blubber all over me.  I do imagine water retention may be a part of the problem, but I know it's definitely  not muscle gain.  (I am already quite muscular underneath all this grossness.)


    Regarding heightened insulin production -- I always thought low carb = less insulin.  I will attempt to eat more, as by all indications (and responses to this thread) I see I am not eating enough.  But I am (for the first time ever!) not hungry, and also I just don't eat that much!  I am also a bit afraid to UP the calories, since I'm gaining weight, but…  I will read more and proceed carefully.


    The reason I -- a generally skeptical person -- jumped into BP so fast is because it made so much sense, and because it is very very close to how I already live (except the high fat.)  I am willing to up my fat intake, but I am so scared of gaining more of whatever it is I am gaining, water or fat.


    Another concern is hormones.  Yes, I was sobbing yesterday while writing this.  Terrible mood.  Exceeding the normal reaction.  Knowing myself, I am definitely a bit out of whack -- like a bad PMS but not at the right time.  So that is a major concern.  Could I have pushed my body too much too fast?


    I have a trip coming up during which it will be near impossible to think about my food and schedule so much.  And generally, as a freelance photographer, I am a bit of a nomad (like you.)  :)  So I think what I will do is stop IF for now and just do BP coffee with a protein shake right after, and have normal BP food all day long.  I will gradually up the fat and I will have slight re-feed days.  (Yesterday I ate some winter squash and suddenly, I felt well again.)


    Thank you so much for your post.  It is one I will keep going back to, as well as everyone else in this thread.


    I will also, (when I return in April,) get a glucose measuring device and ketosticks.  And, I will be back to update this thread.

  • I think you will do well with your suggestions. Here are mine.


    No IF, drink coffee and eat some protein. 

    Eat when you feel hungry

    increase fats slowly with BP ice cream and avocados

    Relax, meditate or do yoga poses before bed

    and carb up every other day with sweet potato, taro, squashes

    take honey and mct oil or butter before bed to help get good sleeps

    try adding a raw carrot to your diet every day. Helps detox estrogen.

    make sure you are supplementing well with magnesium, d, k2 and try 5-HTP


    Let us know when you are feeling better!

    Help me get my blog up and running...check it out for recipes and info


  • Thank you guys for all of the support.  You are all amazing and have made the last couple of very jarring days bearable -- thank you.  I will keep you posted!

  • Remember that you are only doing this to spot check, if you measure a couple times then you can get a good idea and go by feel after, no one is asking you to measure every gram of whatever. I use the app version, if you are on desktop then it's a bit different but easy, from the "my home" tab, click on "goals", scroll down and click on "change goals", click "custom" and then "continue", from here you can change the total calories, and the carb-protein-fat percents. Try this for practice: change the calories to 1500, change the carbs to 30%, the protein to 20%, and fat to 50%, then save it by clicking on "change goals". Now your food entry page will have these goals set and you can within reason hit those numbers. So now you can always go in and experiment with the %'s to find what works for you as an individual (like my examples earlier).

    Thank you for this.  I have changed the goals.  Still don't see a pie chart. 


    Do you have a quick thumb-rule way of figuring out calorie ratios without counting each calorie?  (Because most food doesn't have labels.)  How do I know what "servings" mean on the BP diet, or the numbers on myfitnesspal?  Maybe that's a part of my issue -- the measuring aspect of it.  (Sorry if this is a very amateur problem.)

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