What Are The Thoughts On Affiliate Type Programs?

A friend of mine got me to join www.karatbars.com/ - I've been doing research into it because it seemed kind of like a scam at first. I couldn't find anything bad about it though, I guess it seemed scammish because I thought it was a MLM, but since you're not selling anything they describe it as an affiliate program like how Amazon does.


The commissions like amazon are pretty small, though the person that got me to join said they're making quite a bit a week, of course they're pimping it hard and have a ton of people under them.


Anyone else heard of this or looked into it?


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    have friends who make thousands of dollars a day affiliate marketing.  dont even get involved unless you have a successful mentor teaching you and showing you the ropes.  its not that its a scam, but rather the winning strategies are always changing as various websites such as google and facebook change their policies and algorythems and as markets get too saturated (thus competative) for newbies to get involved.  So the guys who have a successful system and keep up with future changes and proactively evolve their methods are the guys you want to be around.

    IMO... its better to just create a product and entice affiliates to sell it for you.  Clickbank makes it easy to get affiliates to sell for you.  I have friends who do product development and pay affiliates 80% of the revenue from a single sale.  The reason why he comes out ahead is that hes making 20% from thousands and thousands of peple so he ends up making way more due to economies of scale.  If you want to attract the best affiliates to sell your stuff then you need to give them a high % of their own sales.  Good affiliates can sell pretty much anything online so in order to win them over you need to pay them well (they are in it to make millions).  Also if the product converts well thats another huge plus.  (means its less for them to figure out).  The reason I prefer product development is that you only need 1 affiliate to make a buttload of sales to make you rich.  So in the event that you can get thousands and thousands of affiliates selling your stuff, you are increasing those odds drastically.  Whereas if you are an affiliate, yes you can make millions, however you have to constantly try new methods and new products until 1 hits and the window of opportunity seems smaller and more pressure.  (both can be insanely lucrative though.. so it has to do with your personality and what you can get more passionate about). 

    If you are trying to learn affiliate marketing without a mentor then its going to be an uphill battle indeed.  The free forums are usually outdated info or failed affiliates trying to make a buck selling "how to" guides.  There are a few legit forums but cost money.  There is a reason why these forums cost money.  #1 it makes the owner money, #2 its a show of faith that you are willing to learn, #3 scammers and spammers dont waste time spending money on forums so the quality control is better.

    http://www.affplaybook.com/  <--- this is one that a few of my successful m8s use. yes i'm aware im a new member on this forum without any cred so take it for what its worth.  but its the real deal. 

  • Affiliate marketing is exponentially powerful and can help you create an outstanding life filled to the brim with time freedom, financial abundance, and the ability to work from anywhere. Just know this: it takes a drastic amount of learning, financial resources, and hard work before you will see the kind of payoff you desire. This is not a bad thing, simply part of the game. :)


    The biggest struggles will often produce the greatest breakthroughs, so if a freedom-oriented life is something you are absolutely committed to (despite any obstacle), then I highly recommend you keep moving forward toward your goal of financial freedom. Affiliate marketing is a powerful way to make money selling other people's products, it just takes a lot of meaningful, hard work.


    These will be a big help in getting started successfully: Click Millionaires, Your First $1000, Internet Riches, Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Profits Right Now, and Internet Prophets.


    “We often miss opportunity because it's dressed in overalls and looks like work” - Thomas A. Edison ;)



    When I'm not eating delicious, Bulletproof food, I spend my time reading, listening to podcasts/audiobooks, lifting, traveling, and helping people to:

    1.) become a more powerful version of themselves and 2.) create real income online. I have to admit, my life is quite fun! :)

  • I just started a website and joined amazon's affiliate program about a week ago.  So far I'm up to a little over 28 bucks.  


    The hardest part is driving quality traffic to your site.  The second hardest part is getting email subscribers to market to in the future.


    Since August 1st I've had 5400 unique visitors but only 45 email subscribers.  I've heard the first 100 subscribers is the hardest.


    To answer your question, there are tons of people making a good living off of affiliates.  

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