Sushi Rice Without Sugar?

How do you all make sushi without sugar? I know you can sub ACV for rice vinegar but I'm not sure what I could add other than sugar that would make the rice stick together. Honey?


  • I just use rice vinegar, and because I usually eat rice after a workout, I don't care about an extra tiny amount of sugar.

  • I wouldn't put it past some restaurants to sneak a little sugar into the sushi rice. I haven't had sushi in a long time -- I'd rather eat sashimi -- but sometimes I've thought that the rice had a little sugar, not a lot, just a small amount.


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    I use medium grain white rice and it comes out very sticky on its own. What kind of use are you using?
  • Typical sushi rice = short grain rice + "sushi-su" (rice vinegar, sugar, salt).  The sugar isn't required for the rice to stick together. 


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