Sugar Cravings

Been doing the coffee as designed for a week, it is pretty amazing what a difference I see. It reduced cravings for about 4-5 hours, and I do feel more focused.


I've been eating more fats during lunch, guac and cheese. I'm still having pretty massive sugar cravings, wondering if anyone had any suggestions. They seem to disappear after the coffee though.



  • pmrtnzpmrtnz Peter Martinez

    Echo what Jason said. Dave always talks about how everyone has a labrador living in their head and when it sees a bowl of candy or a box of donuts, it loses it's mind and tells you that you must indulge.

    It's quite profound when you realize you've finally taken control and the power these "foods" had over you is gone. You'll muzzle fido sooner or later. Keep at it. 

  • Coffee always works for me. I got easily used to drinking only a coffee and tea till noon and then I eat lunch and dinner. Two meals a day is sufficient. 

    When a weekend comes, I let myself carbs, but I don't have a lot of cravings. 

    Kind of metabolic diet. 

    These cravings will minimize but don't fret if you have some carbs once a week. It won't kill ya. Important is get back.

    Great source of information on how to lose weight simply and quickly and improve the overall health.


  • Nah, it's more than that. I'm craving sugar every day. It's tough to determine if I'm "On" the diet with as much sugar ingestion as I'm having. I'll give it a month, and report back in.

  • I've found that talking 2 tsps of l-glutamine first thing in the morning on an empty stomach seems to help with sugar cravings later in the day (wait about 20min before eating something else) Also, they might be a psychological response to stress and not just a physical craving (even if that's how it manifests).
  • pmrtnzpmrtnz Peter Martinez

    Get yourself some 80+% dark chocolate. Cut thin slices of GF butter the size of the squares, and sprinkle a little xylitol (nearly as sweet as sugar, no sugar, but some carbs so be careful) on it. Almost a s'more. 

  • Sounds like sleep related problems if it's this severe, check for sleep apnoea?

  • Already had the surgery, great thought though.

  • I also suffer from horrible sugar cravings mate, so I feel your pain. Mine are triggered by disrupted sleep cycles and too low calories.

  • Have you been able to control it through more calories, better sleep? Or is it intermittent?

  • drumminangoleirodrumminangoleiro ✭✭✭
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    every once in a while i think "if i did decide to say screw eating bulletproof and indulge..what would i eat?" then i start going through the list in my head ... "pizza? chicken tikka masala? pasta? ice cream? pastries?" and as i go through that list i think of how really none of those things satisfies me all that much. i might say "oh this pizza is awesome!" but i'm always comparing it to some other more awesome pizza that i had before. i think i fully wore out the "indulging primarily for taste" part of my brain, or at least its very much overcome by the "indulging for performance/health, THEN taste".  healthiness is hedonistic, and the best hedonism is healthy. yes i made that quote up, and yes i will eat your soul if you steal it. 

  • pmrtnzpmrtnz Peter Martinez

    Great way of looking at it. @drumminangoleiro

  • hybridhybrid Cateye vs Isolation

    Some suggests


    - If you have to spoil yourself with sugar, do it as a desert after a big meal. The fact that your stomach is full means the absorption rate is slower and you don't get the sugar buzz, it dosen't get into your reward system so you don't reboot your addiction to it


    - You'll get better @ it with time


    - If you have to go for any sugar do it at night after dinner, granted you've followed the diet throughout the day, a little sugar containing substance for desert is the best place to have it. Its where the binge and uncontrollable craving for sugar is anyways

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