Blood Type A And Bp Diet

Have any blood type As had any success with the BP diet?  I am blood type A.  I went to vegan based diet a few years ago.  May have been too strict and limited nutrition so I added salmon, now eggs.  Thinking about limited quantities of beef, chicken and turkey.  The type A diet benefits from small amount of these nutrients.  It seems like for A types moderation is the key with meats.  Anyone else have insights to share?  Thank you in advance!


  • Ah yes, "Eat Right 4 Your Type" -- Peter d'Adamo. Partly crap, though I think there might be something to the lectin ideas. But it think the idea that blood type O's should be meat-eaters and type A's should be vegetarians is silly and I thought his basis for this was goofy (something about A's supposedly having less stomach acid and having a harder time digesting meat).

    I eat beef (grassfed) and my blood fats are fine and my weight is pretty normal. Oh yeah, I'm blood type A. I do eat more seafood than meat. Personal preference, that's what I love.

    I have pretty well flushed out my food sensitivities so I'm not going to pull that book off my bookshelf and dust it off to see what lectin-containing foods A's aren't supposed to eat. BTW, A's are supposed to be able to eat soy. Gross.


  • If I recall correctly, Type A's are supposed to handle coffee quite well. Hooray, I love my coffee, BP or black.


  • Um, stupid question perhaps, but how do I find out my blood type? It's something I knew as a kid, then forgot long before I became a health geek. I've given blood and I'm an organ donor, so clearly my type is on some registry somewhere... could I find it on my old lab work?

  • Yes you can find out from blood work.  You may have to request it before it goes to the lab.

  • It's probably in your medical chart somewhere. Also, I think they'll tell you if you donate blood.


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