At A Stall But Doing Things Right... [Help?]

Hi all,


Been doing the Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting for a while now and I've dropped like 15lbs or so so I'm happy with the result thus far big time! And that's only this time round! I dropped about 20lbs before also but then started travelling and life was all ove the place but I'm back on it now.


Now I was at about 19.8lbs but about 4 or 5 days ago I jumped up 5lbs and I float around that area.


This is my day:


2 - 3x bulletproof coffee w/mct oil and unsalted butter (I live on the ski hill so I have not been able to get my hands on kerry golds)


Eggs, Chicken, Broccoli during my 2pm - 8pm window. Now recently I have not felt the need to actually eat more then eggs. I get 6 eggs in a bowl, whisk then up, add cayenne pepper powder, onion powder and garlic powder and cook in extra virgin olive oil. So many this is my issue no eating enough? If I feel more hungry I do 4 more eggs up.


My supplements are as follows:


As I have 2 - 3 of the coffees in a day I get 2 - 3 tablespoons on MCT oil.

10,000mg D3

1000mg garlic extract (my own addition as garlic creates a rock solid immune system)

3x (or 3000mg) salmon oil as I couldn't find Krill oil

A green drink with all those goodies in it to get even more into me.


As we don't have a mailing address on the ski hill I have to use normal store coffee but I don't think that's the issue due to how much I've dropped and before when I had the proper beans in Miami (now in Canada) I dropped a decent on normal coffee before I got the real stuff.


Once a week I re-feed. I'll admit that recently the refeed have not been the best but that being said the last refeed was a week ago and I just had subway and I didn't go nuts an binge. In fact I put on weight the next day, the day after I was back to where I was and then I dropped even more weight for the next day and was my lowest weight wise in years and then I jumped back up and I'm holding.


Any advice?




  • Oh and before the stall I was dropping 1lb a day so I know it was working well. I wasn't just loosing like 0.1lb a day or something it was coming off at a good rate as it should be! :)

  • Not saying this is the correct answer, but something to consider: You have almost no carbs, so if you're active (like skiing) you'll be depleting liver glycogen. You've got about a pound of that, but it comes with 2-3 pounds of water attached to it. If you do a big carb refeed, you can jump 3-4 pounds in glycogen alone, plus water weight from the extra carbs/water in your gut. If you then have an inactive week back on the diet, you'll lose the water weight from the carbs/water in your gut, but NOT (or not much of) the liver glycogen. So activity could account for 4 pounds. 


    That said, plateaus happen. I'm currently diagnosing one, waiting on a blood test. 

  • Hi,


    I'm a tad confused on what you are trying to say? Should I be getting in carbs? I thought we are supposed to avoid carbs other than on the refeed days about once a week.


    What you said makes sense in regards to the weight going up and down. I'm just not sure if you are saying if I should get carbs in.

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    I'm not diagnosing what's going on, I'm adding an additional consideration: when you are eating this type of diet with carb refeeds, glycogen weight can fluctuate and it's mediated by activity level. Therefore, when you're trying to figure out what's going on, you need to consider the weight associated with glycogen and ask yourself if your activity level has changed week-to-week in a meaningful way. 


    Let's say you eat this diet 6 days a week and are fairly active every day, with a big carb refeed on Saturday. By Friday, your liver glycogen should be depleted from being active during the week. Then you refeed Saturday, so on Sunday, let's say you've replenished 1 pound of liver glycogen, that comes with 3 pounds of water, plus there's 2 pounds of carbs mixed with water still traveling through your gut. So you could be 6 pounds heavier. By Monday or certainly Tuesday, you've pooped out all the carbs and associated water, but you could still have the 4 pounds liver glycogen+water. 


    What I'm saying is that if you are active, you will be burning glycogen and fat throughout the week, so that four pounds of glycogen+water will have been used up by Friday, hopefully along with some body fat. 


    HOWEVER if this is what normally happens, and then you have an inactive week, you won't have lost that 4 pounds of of glycogen+water. When Friday rolls around, you'll be like WTF I'm 4 pounds heavier than I was this time last week! But it won't be fat, just glycogen and water in your liver. I've had this happen a few times. 

  • That makes perfect sense now! Thanks!


    Any my activity level has changed as I smoked a tree the other day lol so I'm off the snow for a good 2 weeks at least while my knee recovers.


    So I'm sure that has an impact as I was dropping a pound a day when I was riding everyday and on this diet.


    I'll just take it for what it is and try to ignore the scale as the mirror tells the ultimate truth and in the end it really doesn't matter if I never dropped another pound but if I kept looking better and better each week it's the same thing in the end.


    Thanks for the detailed explanation!

  • Ok well it seems like it was just a little stall because of as of this morning I was 108.9kg and I was stalling at about 113kg. So I'm down about 4kg or that's like 9lbs and it's been about a week. Woho!

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