Going On A Month-Long Tour, Looking For Dietary Suggestions



I'm with the US Army Field Band, and part of the job is touring around the country.  We're about to go on a 30 day tour of the Northeast, and I've had a bit of trouble thinking of ways to continue my relative clean lifestyle that I've been maintaining at home.  Since we're in the military, exercising won't be an issue, I'll even have a few guys to swing kettlebells with, but the average diet of a musician is horrendous, and I'd like to keep the clear-headed focus I've grown accustomed to since starting with the bulletproof coffee.  Anyone have any ideas for food, supplements and other things I could take with me on the road?  I've already made peace with the fact that this will be mostly an exercise for damage control, but any suggestions are welcome!




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    For travel, you could get an Aeropress for making coffee. Also bring pre-ground coffee, MCT, butter (not sure how you'd transport that), a drinking vessel and one of those little coffee whisk things:



    That should be enough to get your BP coffee on the road at least!

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    Good coffee maker is definitely important, one in most hotels is terrible. I actually bring a travel size grinder and try to scope out a whole foods or the like get about 1lb of quality coffee, grind the amount desired only for that day give or take, and that'll last you a while.


    Good quality jerky, canned sardines in either water or olive oil. Coconut oil. Spirulina is great to have and activated charcoal is a staple with the "social drinking". Vitamin D in the morning and Magnesium at night.


    The most important thing that personally affects me anytime I'm traveling, especially with the military where the camaraderie can be so powerful, is to psychologically become comfortable with being different. Have some quick facts to throw out to assure people you aren't psychotic/OCD and just do whatever makes you feel the best. Always do a quick evaluation of the social or convenience factor versus how it will affect your health.

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