Weight Gain-Help!

Hey all!


I have just recently embarked upon my bulletproof voyage after 6 years of staunch vegetarianism. I have been working extremely physically demanding jobs over the last year and have diminished to 155 lbs while standing at 6'2". This weight loss has been gradual but is alarming and I needed to do something about it. That being said I am a little worried about taking the bulletproof coffee as my metabolism is already on overdrive. I have been eating quite a bit of meat/fat and taking the bulletproof coffee (eating about 4 meals, 1 in the morning with coffee) for the past week but I still often times find myself feeling like I need to eat even more sometimes only and hour or two after having consumed my last meal. I am considering changing out the bulletproof coffee for the cacao tea made bulletproof. Is there any other protocols I should be aware of for weight gain? Any input on this would be greatly appreciated especially if you have gone throught the same predicament as me! Thanks a bunch preemptively to anyone who is willing to help.


  • Jason MillerJason Miller Mother nature isn't stupid mod

    Once you get to noon start adding more carbs to your meals, if you are getting hungry right away add more butter to your coffee, and make your meals bigger.

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  • Almond butter. Sweet potatoes. Coconut milk / oil.


    Be careful you don't overdo it. Gaining fat weight is a waste even if muscle is with it.

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