Bulletproof Diet Newbie: Day 2 - Feel Crappy



So far for day 1 and 2 I have not had any carbs. I've done kerry gold butter along with salmon, and Seaweed Soup (Seaweed and Mushrooms in veggie broth). I feel like crap. Brain fog, moments of low energy. It reminds me of detoxing from a fast.


I'm also trying to make this an anti-inflammatory diet due to the fact I think it will help my eczema.


Here's a few questions:


1 - Just for clarity, do I not eat any carbs at all or very few? Not clear on that point.


2 - Do I need sugar. I'm pretty sure I do. Should I use a bit of honey, if so how much is recommended?



I'm pretty sure I can hack this. I've done a 30 day fast before using nothing more than water and powdered greens. At least with this there is food involved. I just want to get it right.


Thanks - see you on the other side


  • Judging from your questions, maybe you haven't seen the new bulletproof diet infographic? There's a lot there to study and it should answer a lot of questions. What you describe looks pretty low calorie unless you ate a crapload of butter. This is generally not a low calorie diet. 


    Eating at the top/green side of the diet is anti-inflammatory, unless you are one of the very rare folks with an intolerance to eggs (which can be healed) or extreme lactose intolerance. But you already handled the butter OK. 


    A 30 day fast with greens powders? Damn. You're a beast. 


    @Everyone, come to think of it, what's Dave's stance on seaweed? I'm not seeing it on the infographic. 

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    @Everyone, come to think of it, what's Dave's stance on seaweed? I'm not seeing it on the infographic. 


    Could be wrong, but I seem to remember many here advising against it on a regular basis due to possible contamination with heavy metals. But then there are guys like Paul Jaminet who eat it like it's their job. Probably not BP unless carefully sourced, but you could eat it with a bit of Chlorella, maybe?

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  • Thanks guys!


    You are the best.


    Quick questions:


    I read that coffee is an inflammatory. Is this also the case with BP coffee or just low grade molded coffee?


    Thanks guys!!

  • I believe the oils in coffee are anti inflammatory, if you don't use a paper filter. Check out the search function for specifics on that.
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