Bulletproof Diet Newbie: Day 2 - Feel Crappy



So far for day 1 and 2 I have not had any carbs. I've done kerry gold butter along with salmon, and Seaweed Soup (Seaweed and Mushrooms in veggie broth). I feel like crap. Brain fog, moments of low energy. It reminds me of detoxing from a fast.


I'm also trying to make this an anti-inflammatory diet due to the fact I think it will help my eczema.


Here's a few questions:


1 - Just for clarity, do I not eat any carbs at all or very few? Not clear on that point.


2 - Do I need sugar. I'm pretty sure I do. Should I use a bit of honey, if so how much is recommended?



I'm pretty sure I can hack this. I've done a 30 day fast before using nothing more than water and powdered greens. At least with this there is food involved. I just want to get it right.


Thanks - see you on the other side


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