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If you didn't see my post about my toying with getting laser eye surgery, I've finally decided that I do want to get a surgery to free me from glasses and contacts for good, and that my research led me to going with the PRK option in the end over LASIK. Woo! I'm booked for the 26th of March and I am mega stoked.


The problem: the option I'm going with has a longer healing time and is more painful - which is where I'm hoping the hacking will be coming in. 


From my mad googling, I've found that the ideal plan of action so far will be to take the 3-4 days after the surgery totally off from school, activities, etc. During that time I'll be stringent about limiting the amount of light I'm exposed to, which means 3 days of naps, audiobooks, and listening to movies and tv for me. Also, being strict about eyedrops every hour will help. 


Now, I'm guessing that certain supplements and foods will be helpful during my recovery as well and I'm keen to toss that stuff in. From a few papers it does seem like controlling inflammation is going to be important. Good quality fats and proteins will also be helpful, as I've read from other people's surgery protocols. Circumin? BPC? Collagen? Salmon? 


Thoughts on other things that may be helpful? Thanks guys!


  • Astaxanthin is one of the top supplements for eye health.  Of course Life Extension Foundation is on it. http://www.lef.org/magazine/mag2011/jul2011_Beyond-Eye-Health_01.htm

    They have a few different formulas it looks like.  


    I think the Natural News store is having a sale on it right now http://store.naturalnews.com/BioAstin-60-Caps-Astaxanthin-4mg_p_111.html

  • Really awesome. That looks like something I could actually add to my regular supplement regimen too! Thanks :)


    Found a couple articles that say that Omega-3's are super helpful for healing after PRK! They used Flaxseed oil as well, so I'm imagining Krill Oil will be even more effective. 


    Also I found a few sources that say that Vitamin C is helpful to help avoid PRK-induced corneal "haze". 


    Adding those two to the stack!

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    I know very little about laser eye surgery or your specific problem, but have you considered trying eye-training?

    Dave mentioned significantly improving his astigmatism- taking his 20/80 vision to 20/15 by simply training with exercises to strengthen his eyes. He commented that his training was only held once every Saturday for a short period of time (maybe a month?). 

    As someone who's suffered a significant eye injury and almost went blind, I can tell you recovery is not fun. If you start training now, then the worst case scenario is your eyes will be in better shape and more fit for recovery! 

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