How Bad Is It To Saute My Veggies In The Left-Over Ground Beef Fat?

So I purchase so extremely fatty grass-fed ground beef from my local farmer who processes he meat specifically to leave high fat content in it (for the hamburger, that is). I pan fry it on medium height and TONS of fat juice leaks out into the pan, and I simply throw whatever green vegetables I have on hand to saute in that fat afterwards, over medium heat as well. Am I consuming oxidized fat here? Should I be concerned? Am I damaging the plant nutrition? Why?


Just some curious questions. Hopefully someone can enlighten me. Thanks for taking the time :)


  • Cooking at med-low would be better, but should be fine with what you're doing, animal fat is pretty resilliant.

    Thanks for the reply Jason. I appreciate your continuous help with my questions!


    Help me understand though - what exactly is occurring during the higher heat cooking that is damaging my precious food? 

  • the higher heat is oxidizing the fats and once ingested they float around in the bloodstream and contribute to inflammation and vascular disease. The lower the heat the more stable the fat. I would say the way you are doing it is probably fine if you maintain  low heat (make sure it's not smoking).

    But a better way would be to cook the hamburger on low or medium heat and steam the veggies and then pour the fat over the top of them once they are done.  

  • To save clean up of an extra pan, maybe toss the veg in the fat, turn the heat off and add some water, cover to let steam. I guess you'd dirty up a lid, though.  

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