Hacking Dental Insurance

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After reading some posts, following recommended protocols, and doing some research; I am entertaining the idea of canceling my dental insurance and potentially saving a bunch of money.





Attached is a spreadsheet that anyone could use to input what they are paying for dental insurance and then see how much wasted money can be saved and invested.

My approach is to save the money the first two years and then invest it starting the third year for increased returns.


Pros of switching:

- I'm 26 years old with not many dental issues

- Buying a Dental Discount plan which alleviates some costs of dental issues and cleaning fees

- Money


Cons of switching:

- Event of major teeth problems.

- Discount plans are limited and require more out of pocket costs

         - Balanced billing of services


Dental Discount Plan Providers:




Any advice or comments would help!









  • I would no let "fear" of the what if empty your pockets.  Get some good quality neem oil and dry brush and floss your teeth with one drop.  This is all the cleaning you'll ever need.  That being said, this stuff is bitter but will remove plaque Ligity split!  This is coming from a self employed person of thirty years with not a drop of dental insurance. 

  • Thanks Parker for the insight. I will look into some Neem Oil.

  • You can also add a good quality peppermint and clove essential oil to help with taste and cleaning performance.  I have also added a few drops of Cayenne tincture to my formula.  It is very strong tasting for sure but works well to dissolve plaque.

  • From the research I've done teeth issues come almost entirely from diet, and almost zero from dental hygiene.


    I suggest this book - http://www.amazon.com/Cure-Tooth-Decay-Cavities-Nutrition/dp/1434810607/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1393968410&sr=8-1&keywords=curing+tooth+decay


    It has some very compelling points. The fact that dentist don't talk about this, or are taught this information is quite disturbing.

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    Unless you get all your teeth knocked out or some such thing, I honestly feel that modern dentistry is a scam. A proper diet ought to give you a healthy set of choppers, and as to their maintenance, dry-brushing will do you just fine. Once a week or so, I use a bit of activated charcoal on my toothbrush. Though I drink a lot of tea and coffee, this keeps my teeth rather white and clean-looking-- more so that any "whitening" toothpaste I ever used in the past. Mouthwash? Some peppermint oil, just a bit of it, will freshen the breath.


    Seriously, dentistry is so ridiculous. I haven't been to the dentist in about 7 or 8 years, and have had no problems. I clean my teeth in the way described above, never get cavities and am generally happy with my oral health. My teeth are somewhat crooked, but hey, can't have it all, I guess.

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