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In the event one finds themselves eating at a non-bulletproof restaurant with friends is there a GNC or otherwise locally available (or, gasp, plan ahead and buy online) peptidase or enzyme tablet to help reduce the effects of an incidental/accidental exposure to gluten? As in, one orders the gluten-free option but they know full well that the facility produces other gluten-containing foods. Minimal exposure, but exposure nonetheless. Hell, you could be breathing it upon entering and some PPM will end up in the stomach from passing through the mouth and being swallowed. I'd rather not use a broad spectrum charcoal or clay as that can be non-selective for gliadin or absorb other nutrients I'm hoping to utilize.

I did a general keyword search, posted to shoutbox and asked BPE support and haven't gotten a response so my apologies if this is redundant. If it's been discussed before, could you attach a link, please? Thanks...FYI, new to BP life and this is my 1st forum post.



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    Really? A week and no replies? Is that little known about peptidase supplements? BPE staff did get back to me on the inquiry I sent them but they couldn't recommend one but usually these forums have someone that's can shed some light on the topic. Let's see if a bump up helps.

  • Danno RedDanno Red Practical Man

    OK, Dr. Google didn't appears pepsin combined with aspergillopepsin while not gliadin-specific managed to detoxify for a gluten exposure but since neither is gliadin-specific other proteins consumed (namely casein) competed for the enzymes' attention.


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