The Naked Warrior

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Does anyone use Pavel Tsatsouline's protocols for bodyweight training? 

They seem a good way to stay fit while on travel.

Any comments or suggestions?


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    Pavel has excellent information and workouts. I met Pavel a few years back when I got my RKC Certification. He's no longer with Dragondoor. He has his own company now and its thriving...Strong First.


    If you want some great workouts when on the road or at home, look into Scott Sonnon's TacFit. I'm a Field Instructor with TacFit and I can promise you that his insight into how the body works, but more importantly....recovers is amazing. Both men are leaders in their fields. I personally think there is a bit more variety in the TacFit workouts and you will never get tired of them.



  • Interesting! I'll definitely test the TacFit program asap I'm done with the naked warrior.

    Right now I'm not even doing proper one handed pushups and one legged squats and one thing I've noticed is that it takes really long to recover from Pavel's workouts.

    Would it make sense to do them till positive failure a-la- body by science? 

  • Do you use the book Naked warrior for your exercise routine or is there a DVD? Workout Program link.... I'm intrigued....

  • I don't know if there's a DVD, but the book seems quite enough for me. It's a very synthetic program.


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