Overcoming Opiates And Testosterone

I've had a number of injuries that led to me taking opiates for quite a long time earlier in my life.


While I haven't had my testosterone levels taken recently, is there any way to overcome the issues of hypergonadism?


I'm just curious if anyone has any experience.  


Thanks so much


  • Stop opiates. Retest. Supplement with test cream first then injection after 6 months if needed. High fat bulletproof diet and lift heavy shit
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    Geez hope you find your way through.


    You meant hypogonadism right. Get your levels checked and obviously, no brainer. Good look with your MD.


    I know people that have had good results with ibogaine treatment for recovery but if you dont put your life back in check patterns will take you to the same places. Feel for ya, had more than one family member in the hole, one quit, one is longer here.


    Godspeed broham

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