Mct Overdose?!?

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Hi all. I'm a few days into my foray into BPing my life. Just got a shiny new bottle oh MCT oil (NOW brand, for now...). So I had an experience today that I wondered of anyone else has encountered.

I'm 4 days into changing my life, starting with BP coffee (about 24 oz coffee, 1T MCT, 1-1.5T CO). The GI side effects of my transition to BP coffee are starting to improve dramatically. So this afternoon after work I decided to make a double espresso (Nespresso, if it matters) as I usually do after work, but to bulletproof it I chases it with a shot of MCT, around 20g, and 1/2T of Kerrygold. Yes, for the first time in my life I sliced off a pat of butter and chewed on it. It was delicious.

Anyway, the incident in question happened about 30 min after this afternoon concoction. Over the course of about 3 minutes I became mildly nauseous, somewhat lightheaded, and almost paralyzingly tired. I literally had to put cold water on my face to stay awake. This lasted about 2 hrs and then I started feeling much better.

Anyone else experience anything similar while transitioning? Did I do too much too fast?

Awesome stuff on here and from my readings, an awesome community. Thanks in advance.

EDIT 1: I searched the forums and found maybe similar situations. The MCT oil is crystal clear, flavorless and odorless. I'm not taking huperzine-A or any other supplements for the time being. Just coffee, Kerrygold and MCT oil, and trying to stay on the green side of the BP diet.


  • I had some tiredness, dizziness and weakness at first as my body got used to the sudden changes...3 months on Im completely will get used to it, persevere, its worth it.
  • You're only 4 days in. Your body is likely still trying to source its energy by converting glycogen (from starches and other carbs) into glucose to feed your brain. Over time, your body will adapt to convert fat into glucose instead (a much more stable source of energy). Keep at it; it's an incredibly abrupt change for anyone on a previous diet of mostly grain. If you continue to have issues with low blood sugar, add in small amounts of white rice or sweet potatoes. Slowly reduce them over time to ween yourself off.
  • That happened to me as well joshuak, when I first started Bulletproof (BP) coffees a year ago. Eventually your body becomes fat adapted. In my house, we call it "a case of the MCTs". Unfortunately for me, a case of the MCTs meant I couldn't work because I would be so nauseous. So the way I dealt with it was to start being regimented about the amount of butter and MCT oil I use in BP coffee. I also use NOW brand, by the way. I started with 1 tablespoon of grassfed butter and 1/2 teaspoon MCT. I found that I didn't have any digestive distress with this amount of MCT. Slowly - after 3-4 weeks - I started increasing the amount of MCT. Over a year later, I still measure my amounts. My partner does not and he still deals with the occasional case of the MCTs. I now use 1 tablespoon of grassfed ghee (cut out butter due to health issues w casein) and 1 tablespoon of MCT oil.
  • Just hitting end of day 2 on the intermittent fasting diet and I'm well aware of the MCT effect. I'll be cutting my dose for now and working back up due to the suggestions I've seen on the forum. A good side effect I guess is that it jumped started my weight loss with the cleansing effect. Lost 10 lbs the 1st day, I'm sure mostly water but feel much better.

  • I started today.


    Took 3 table spoons in the morning

    (bulletproof coffee with 2 big spoonfulls

    of butter).


    Same thing in the afternoon.


    And the MCT effect, dreadful now as

    I know it, broke in.


    Feeling good now (started feeling

    good after three hours or so) and 

    drinking more MCT with sparkling 



    If it hurts, I'll just go through it.

    Taking the faster road, a bit more painful,

    but definitely worth it.

    Rod Caceres


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    be OFS!

  • i started with a teaspoon of mt and still got bad cramps, after a week they went away. i kept upping the dose. Now 45 days later i can tolerate 2 tablespoonfuls at a time.
  • I drank from the bottle same as a shot of booze like fill ur mouth that much n had terrible headache n pains for a few days but i kept taking a mouthful everday now i can take 1 tablespoon every 3 hours nps 

  • There are like 100 posts about MCT overdose on the forum. Quite much info to read up on. Brain octane seems better to avoid overdosing.

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