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Just wanted to get some opinions on ONNIT's T+. I'm about half way into the first cycle and I feel like it's been giving me good results with my kettle bell workouts.

I went to the dr today to get baseline test done on my thyroid, vitamins and testosterone and mentioned to him that I was taking a testosterone booster. Even though I mentioned that it wasn't a pro hormone or synthetic testosterone booster he was very opposed in me taking it. He said that it'll keep me from making a healthy amount of testosterone in the future. Anyone have any knowledge on this? I'm pretty new to this subject. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks.


  • I'm on my second tub. It definitely made a difference within the first few weeks but as with most pre workouts the potency tends to wear off. Once i'm done with this tub i'm going to just make a simple pre workout blend myself. 

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    Discussed more here.


    I like it, but suspect it's overpriced, and that most of the workout benefit is from other ingredients (glutamine, BCAAs) and not the testosterone stuff, which is likely "pixie dust," meaning just enough to be able to legally put it on the label, not enough to do anything.  


    Your doc had a knee-jerk reaction to a younger guy talking about a testosterone supp. Onnit's claims about results are likely overblown, but they are clear that the product is supposed to only provide the raw materials to increase endogenous testosterone production, not supplement testosterone which is where you can run into problems. My T levels are in range and I've taken it in the past. I once mentioned I'd been eating a 1800-2000 calorie diet to my doc, he didn't look up from my charts and said, "oh, a starvation diet?" Sometimes you have snap them out of their routine and get them to engage in what you're actually saying. 


    Unrelated, I don't think you should get "baseline" levels tested while taking a cyclic supplement.

  • He doesn't know what he's talking about.. A natural testy booster is not hormonal its a synergistic formula of many different things that help normal production, replace any precursor to testosterone depletion and scavenge free test by the same methods...  For example a lot of Zinc is lost during physical exercise but zinc is also used by many enzymes of hormone production so replacing this offsets the loss of zinc, equalling potentially higher test levels.  This is just an example, but none of the additions to the formula are replacing your bodies natural test manufacture so your body wont shut your balls down.


    Your body will not shut down like with steroids, the only hormonal downside would be that as your test will rise, your estrogen may rise to counter balance.  Which is why some supps add estro blockers, although not a lot of research has been done on them d-arspatic acid has been said to have an estrogen rebound effect after stopping taking it..


    I have used it tho and its been fine, just have a read for yourself.. I used to use one called Hyperdrol x2 and I felt amazing on it, put on some good muscles and lost some fat... Then this happened http://www.fda.gov/safety/recalls/ucm188929.htm


    It was recalled for having a "steroid" in it.. Damn!! I dont recall it shutting my balls down tho (no atrophy or symptoms associated, but who knows).. Since i have taken a bunch of boosters but none (maybe obviously) that had the same effects...  But yeah unless your doc quotes that fda recall then he may just think your are taking steroids, and if you say you arent and he still persists then he doesnt know the difference and maybe you wanna get a new dr! 

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  • Thanks for the input and advise so far guys, I appreciate it.  

  • I'm interested in this stuff as well.  Do you guys think Onnit's T+ is the best choice for natural endogenous testosterone support, or is there something better that you would recommend?

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    Onnit T+ is extremely overpriced, just like all of Onnit's supplements. 

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    I bought l-dopa and longjack myself.  I've dosed those pre workout and I become an animal when I take them.  Yesterday I deadlifted 455 for the first time with ease after I used 150mg l-dopa and 500mg 200:1 longjack extract. 


    I don't know if it was placebo but I sure was sweating more than I ever had in my life, lol.

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