Best And/or Best Value For An Air Purifier?

Hi there, I live in downtown Los Angeles 10 floors up on the corner of two very busy streets so the air in my apartment cannot be very good. I'm looking into getting a purifier for the bedroom (at least) to run all day then turn it off at night while I sleep.


All the Hepa filter purifiers on Amazon have mixed reviews. Does any have any advice or experience with a good quality, low maintenance air filter?


Here's amazon's best seller:






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    I have an AirOasis


    They are great for what they're designed to do. (sanitize/deodorize/purify)


    But they don't filter; if you're looking for more of a HEPA type.

  • yes I'm looking more for a HEPA type filter

  • I've bought literally 8 models and here are some recommended:


    If you want the best go with IQ air. 


    Whirlpool makes this one that is the best for simple particle filtration


    Winix also makes some good ones. Rabbit Air is another great maker. Both of these have particle sensors that measure air quality and adjust speed accordingly


    The one you suggested won't clean well. 


    It really depends on budget and or needs. This site has some great reviews on units


    In the end you have to measure cubic feet in your room. Look  at the air exchange rate on the purifier and you ideally want 5 air changes per hour for any noticeable difference. Also make sure to buy something that doesn't emit ozone. Proven cleaners use HEPA filter paired with activated carbon. 


    Cheapest one that actually works is:

    Wont break the bank and will def clean out most rooms

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    Do not buy the one you suggested. I did, and it stopped having any noticeable effect after about a month. I now have this one and am very satisfied. The filter is a true HEPA and can be replaced as often as needed. Also, they're available at Best Buy and Costco in case you don't want to wait for shipping. The filters can be bought discounted at Costco.

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  • Do these make noise?

  • thanks @stimulant & @Andy Boskamp very very helpful! really appreciate it!

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    mine is just a box fan and a equally sized hepa furnace filter on the back (or as close to hepa as possible).  I put it on medium usually  and I can tell a difference within a half hour.



    Before you buy an expensive one try this out.


    Around 30 bucks

  • I have this in my room.

  • I used the previous posts and this website to make a choice.




    Ended up buying the Rabbit BioGS 2.0.



  • I have an older Sharp plasmacluster model with HEPA filters. Great value IMHO

  • I have recently tried out the Sinomax SF300 Photo-Catalytic air purifier, which I bought from a trade show/fair for a decent price a while back now, but it has worked really well - better than expected from somebody who didn't really know much about air purifiers then.


    It has got a Pre-filter which mainly filters dust and pollen and there is a HEPA filter which is pretty much standard nowadays. But it also has a UV light with titanium mesh filter, which I thought was pretty neat because UV light filtration is usually seen on the more expensive and larger air purifiers.


    At the moment, it is doing a pretty good job in a city troubled by air pollution (Shanghai) for when the air quality is really bad my nose becomes itchy and the sneezes get to me, but with the SF300 this isn't the case and my nose is relieved from the itchiness.


    Another reason why I bought the Sinomax was because of the special design it has, where it can be placed into a car's cup holder which I thought as pretty useful due to all the toxic fumes a car produces. Also, it is small in design which is pretty useful for use in the office with even the most cluttered desk (I am quite unorganized). It is also convenient, for it comes with a stand and the base is circular and so rotation is possible (around 160 degrees) meaning the purifier can be placed on shelves or on the floor and clean air will still be blown in your direction.


    It has 3 fan speeds and on the highest setting it can be hardly heard at night making it perfect for bedroom use at night due to the Ultra Quiet technology it has. 


    I haven't tried out any other purifier apart from the SF300 but I can genuinely say that this is the purifier to have!

  • Anyone have any recent experience with filters?  I'm looking for something with a carbon filter (has to be California certified: will do the job on the whole house because of a nearby gas leak (needs to do a good job on filtering VOCs).  Right now it looks like the top contenders seem to be IQAir, Austin Air, and Blueair.

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    I wonder, if you already bought some and how it is? I have  Ecozone in my bedroom from, for already 2 years. It suits me fully. Besides, it is supercompact and very silent so I shouldn’t turn it over for the night while I sleep.

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    I have the WINIX P150 with a true HEPA and carbon filter in my bedroom. It's convenient in that it measures air quality and adjusts its fan speed accordingly. It also automatically turns to the lowest speed when it gets dark.

  • I vote for ​Venta Airwasher 2-in-1 Humidifier & Air Purifier - LW25

  • @thunder said:
    mine is just a box fan and a equally sized hepa furnace filter on the back (or as close to hepa as possible).  I put it on medium usually  and I can tell a difference within a half hour.



    Before you buy an expensive one try this out.


    Around 30 bucks

    I do the same. I also notice the air quality difference in about 30 minutes.

  • If you want a purifier, let's choise Sharp.

    Before you buy an expensive one try this out.

  • I lived in China, and because of the pollution there I needed an air filter. But I was only there temporarily, so I wasn't prepared to spend hundreds of dollars. I did some research, and found a company that claimed its ~$50 air filters were as effective as the expensive ones, and it had data to prove it. The company's website is

    As you can see if you go to their website, they are just selling a HEPA filter, some straps, and a fan. But that's all an air filter is. The expensive units might have strong fans without making much noise; they might have carbon filters for odor; and they might have reusable HEPA filters. But in the end, they're all just fans that blow into HEPA filters. Because that's all air filtration (for particles) is.

    The moral of the story here is the Winix models etc. are fine. I have a couple of the 5500s. You're not missing out on much by not splurging on the IQ Air etc. (Tip: turn off the plasmawave filter or anything else that isn't just the fan running into the filter, because some of that technology has been known to emit ozone, and again, all you need is a fan and a filter.)

  • It has 3 fan speeds and on the highest setting it can be hardly heard at night making it perfect for bedroom use at night due to the Ultra Quiet technology it has. Thank for share! Visit my or

  • I actually use a smart portable purifier, that purifies and analyzes your air in real time. I found them on Kickstarter

    • Portable, take clean air anywhere
    • Cleans 9 liters of air per second
    • Has a Medical grade filter that filters PM 2.5 (mold, pollen, smoke, dust, pet dander)
  • Winix 5500-2 has helped my allergies immensely!!
    A great unit for a great price.

  • HEPA filters are a globally recognized type of high-efficiency filters. Originally used as protection for nuclear scientists, HEPA filters are now broadly used in high-tech laboratories, pharmaceutical productions, operation rooms, and other facilities where cleanliness is key. HEPA filters are made with microscopic fibers and can capture and remove extremely small particles — up to 99.97% of 0.3 micron particles. When used to purify cigarette smoke, the purification rate is as high as 100%, because cigarette particles measure 0.3 to 2.5 microns in size and cannot pass the HEPA filter. When unfolded, Solve Air’s high-efficiency HEPA filtration system is 14.5 times the size of average HEPA filters. Solve Air is the ideal choice to achieve ultra purified air.Filtration rate of up to 98.9% for PM 2.5 particles, 99.88% for E.coli bacteria, 99.97% of S. aureus bacteria.

  • I bought this -->

    Had good reviews - seems effective at least judging it from clearing smells but I don't have have an air monitor to asses its effectiveness.

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    Who can tell the best product among those listed on this site?

  • There are different types of air purifiers for different purposes. For example, for dust and mold use the different purifier. What do you need for an air purifier?

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