Food Sensitivity Testing

Does anyone have any advice on what food sensitivity test to get and who to arrange one through? Are all food sensitivity tests basically the same or are some much better than others?  


I'm based in the US. 




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    I got mine done here. I'm warning you; it's not cheap. I dropped over $500 on my testing.


    You buy a kit online, inside which contains blood sample bottles. You have to take them somewhere to get your blood drawn ($15 fee), and you ship them to a lab ASAP to have them begin testing.


    As with most things, you get what you pay for, imo.  

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    Either that or try the Bulletproof Food Sense smartphone app which is free.

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    Either that or try the Bulletproof Food Sense smartphone app which is free.

    Have you actually found sensitivities with that? I've yet to find one. Maybe I should test the obvious ones like milk products and gluten products.

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    I've only played with it a little, haven't properly tested it. I've read other ppl on here that use the emwave to do the same thing.


    I have noticed that certain foods increase my heart rate though. I'll have to plan out some testing! Does anyone happen to have a list of all foods that exist? :-D

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