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For the last 4 weeks, I have had extremely painful finger joints. At first I thought it was because I changed from a desk job to a more manual labor job - ie. very physically demanding - and I was just sore, but after 4 weeks the pain has not gone away and is the worst early in the morning before I get out of bed. Plus, I have pain in all of my fingers and the joints.

With regards to diet, I am generally most content in ketosis following a high fat, bulletproof-modified paleo diet. I changed jobs two months ago and am back in the food industry after a very long hiatus. Due to this, my diet has faltered and I have become much more lax.

In the past two months, I have occasionally eaten more dairy/gluten. I even had noodles (the main dish we serve at the restaurant) probably six times.

Since being scared by the pain, I am now back to avoiding gluten and dairy but am wondering whether I need to ramp up the bulletproof protocol to reduce the inflammation in my joints.

Before this joint pain started, I would follow a bulletproof diet for the most part staying in the green zone with regard to meat and fat, but not being super strict with regard to vegetables and spices.

I never felt the need to avoid nightshades, particularly tomatoes and chili/cayenne pepper, as I never seemed to have a problem with them. I wasn't very strict about avoiding potatoes because I figured they were gluten free and gluten was the main problem.

Also, I have read differing views on eggs and whether they trigger autoimmune issues.

When I am not at work, I generally eat all grassfed meat and ghee, and free run eggs (getting pastured chicken when possible), but will make soups with garlic, onion.

I am a 30 yr old am extremely hopeful that through diet rather than steroids/painkillers I should be able to control arthritis / autoimmune issues.


  • I've had the same problem, however in my toes instead of fingers. Walking is painful (but a necessity)! I have been very green - no gluten, dairy, nightshades, or even anything in the yellow zone. I cut out bp coffee, because that made me gain weight. In reading arthritis/inflammation literature, I thought maybe I was getting too much protein. I've cut back on protein a bit, but have felt no change. I haven't cut back on eggs - maybe that's the next step.

    Hopefully, some knowledgeable soul can give us some tips.

    Meanwhile, I feel your pain!
  • Hello,

    If I eat potatoes a few hours later I will start feeling joint pains that will last for 1 or 2 days, that's what I suggest you AVOID nightshades (specially potatoes, tomatoes are ok for me once in a long while). Eggs might also give you that (I also avoid these completly). Do your best!

    Good luck on your healing,

  • Thanks @typeoneu - i am trying to avoid the nightshades now that I am aware they are linked to the joint inflammation. I wasn't sure about eggs because I have seen many articles suggesting that arthritis and eggs are linked and that one shouldn't eat them, but these articles also state that one should not eat meat as well. If indeed eggs are problematic and cutting them out would reduce inflammation, I will certainly do that!
  • 'henry88' wrote:

    Foods which are contains Omega-6 Fatty acids needs to be avoided more for arthritis or joint pain. Try to avoid sunflower oil, soyabean oil, eggs, meats, these all increases the inflammation in the joints.

    Meat and eggs? How come?
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  • They are supposing she could have an egg allergy. Meats are okay--especially fish, as long as she is not allergic to fish of course.
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    Supplementing with collagen and avoiding nightshades would be an amazing idea. And yes, you need to tighten the BP protocol (who doesn't!).
  • Didn't Dave say that Egg allergy usually is from a having a leaky gut? And to avoid the egg whites if so? The leaky gut will usually go away on a BP diet. Was it podcast 34? The interview with Paul Jaminet.
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    'Pierre wrote:

    Didn't Dave say that Egg allergy usually is from a having a leaky gut? And to avoid the egg whites if so? The leaky gut will usually go away on a BP diet. Was it podcast 34? The interview with Paul Jaminet.
    Yeah, I remember that too. For leaky gut... L-glutamine protocol image/icon_e_smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':-)' />
  • Hi Eris, Great idea of food diet. How the joint pain is related to BP?
  • I have been on the bulletproof diet for 5 months and I noticed every time I eat any kind of bread croissant or pastry my joints swell up
    However in the last 90 days I stopped all kinds of antibiotics cortisone antidepressants and antacids
    I lost 30 lbs due to organ inflammation and also got amazing results with the lupus sedimentation rate and triglycerides
    I eat a lot of meat and eggs and diverticulitis inflammation and leaky gut are out of my life I am totally grateful and I can post some great ways to eat the vegetables in the green zone specially stuffed zucchini with ground meat and bacon

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    Hey Eris,

    Sorry to hear about your inflammation. I had the exact same thing all my life, and I would actually get arthritis in a muscle in my chest near my heart, when I was like 9 years old, and I was always afraid I was having a heart attack. So when I was like 29, my wife presented with Celiac's (we think triggered by a moldy house "leakening" her gut), and I tried the gluten-free diet, too. The inflammation went away. So you're dead on in removing wheat, and dairy which is almost the same protein, as the trigger.

    I have also experienced arthritis after eating white potatoes, but not tomatoes. I think if you remove the skins of tomatoes or only do tomato paste/tomato sauce, or even marinated diced tomatoes (which I get from chipotle), you should be fine.

    I have discovered some unlikely culprits that most people do not think about, but I am 100% sure they are triggers, just from self-experimentation over and over again. Are you ready? Because you are going to want to remember these. And don't be upset when you see the first two, because there is a workaround for those:

    1. White rice, especially any white rice flour
    2. Pork
    3. B vitamins
    4. Alternative flours like cassava, tapioca, hazelnut flour, some almond flours

    So let me spell this out very clearly. You can eat white rice, you just have to find white rice that is low in arsenic. For some reason, I've never found a white rice flour that didn't cause arthritis (I am almost sure from the arsenic). It's probably because it's super cheap. Here is an article on where your white rice needs to come from, but I'll just tell you the best I've found is organic Lundberg rice.

    Ok, I'm running out of time, but pork is another bummer on this list, but never fear! When I found I was getting the exact same joint issues from pork as I was from gluten, I was totally downtrodden, then I went ahead and looked it up and found an answer from my favorite foundation (Weston A. Price) almost immediately.

    In short, MARINATE YOUR BACON, SAUSAGE, AND PORK CHOPS in something acidic for 24 hours and it will not give you arthritis. Not kidding. Read this article from WAPF about it. Your life will be changed. It changed mine, my wife's, and my daughter's, because we now eat as much bacon and sausage as we can afford. Ancestral knowledge is always the way to go. This was figured out by the foundation's correspondence from a Chinese person carrying it down through tradition and passing it on by email. They even did a blood study on it.

    This is ancestrally how it's always been done, because they know of its inflammatory compounds. It's the "kosher" (or not so kosher) hack so we can all eat bacon peacefully and healthfully. Make sure you do it for 24 hours, no more no less. I just use lemon. It's really really easy. It's like magic, please please try it. You will not be disappointed.

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