What To Do With Whey

So recently I got my upgraded collagen and LOVE it because I can add it to my coffee and not have to worry about eating in the am at all. I find I do better with protein in the am. 


I bought a bag of upgraded whey a while ago thinking it would be great...but I cannot stand the taste and have no idea how to utalize it. I do not want to throw it out since it was so expensive.


I have added to an occasional green smoothie. I am looking for some novel ways to use it for my daughter, myself and my husband that doesn't taste awful. Also...why would I use this over collagen. I am new to the "shake" thing and don't want to overdo the protein etc. so good examples of when you use it for yourself or family would be great. 




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  • I am really new to BP so may be in error here. My first thought was for you to make a smoothie with the upgraded whey, full fat coconut milk (perhaps diluted a little), and some other tasty BP ingredients. (I like to add a small amount of truly raw almonds, a kiwi*, a handful of fresh mint, and some ice cubes.)



    *Kiwi is not BP. Perhaps "balanced" by the other ingredients.

  • On the mornings I'm not doing bulletproof coffee, I'll do a similar shake: a whole can of full fat coconut milk, 2 tablespoons of whey, a tablespoon of collagen, some BP cocoa powder, a pinch of BP vanilla and some stevia.

    Save the whey and collage until the very end. Blend everything else together and then fold in the powders.

    Good luck.
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