Help! Side-Effect From Bp Coffee

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Hey, guys! I'm new to the forum (and to the bulletproof lifestyle in general). I just had my first cup of BP coffee this morning and I am experiencing some really unpleasant side-effects that I haven't seen anyone else describe here (I spent some time reading through various threads first; didn't want to clutter the forums with redundant topics). Basically, I'm experiencing this cold, slightly numb, tingly sensation in my mouth that won't go away. It's kind of like the feeling you get when you're eating a mint, only much more unpleasant. The closest experience I can compare it to is the feeling you might get for a minute when you're injected with saline (maybe that will resonate with any of you who've ever donated plasma). I'm also feeling jittery, shaky, and a little weak, and I've been stretching excessively. What in the world could be going on? I used a french press to make my coffee. The coffee itself is, I am pretty sure (though not positive), low in mycotoxins based on where and how it was grown/processed. I added 1tbs unsalted kerrygold butter, and 3/4 tbs MCT oil.


It could be the MCT oil, I suppose, but yesterday I had 1/2 tbs in a smoothie and felt fine. Later, I had another 1/2 tbs in my sleepytime tea with a little tiny bit of raw honey, and also felt fine. But maybe it's the effect of MCT oil on an empty stomach?

It could be that the coffee I'm using isn't as great as I think it is. But that doesn't seem right, either, because I've been drinking Folgers all my life up until this point which is surely more toxic than what I drank this morning, and I've never experienced this before.

Basically, I just thought I'd throw this out to you guys and see if you had any thoughts. I really really want this to work for me but I don't want to do something that is actually hurting my body or making me sick. Thoughts?

PS: For the last few days, before I was able to buy the things I needed for truly BP coffee, I was drinking folgers blended with Kalona Supernatural butter, with no ill effects. (it was lightly salted because that is all I had).

Edit: Btw, I DO feel very alert and focused. It's just that physically I feel so NOT good....

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