Cocoa Powder Slowing Weight Loss?

I have been doing bulletproof coffee and following a bulletproof/paleo diet for a few months now. I lost 30lbs effortlessly in the first month and a bit. With almost all or the recommended supplements. 


I have done a dexa scan for a starting point and will be doing another one at the end of march for more data, but as of late my weight loss has stopped for the last month. I have been lifting weights and have likely put on muscle mass (I used to be way bigger so muscle memory means I am probably growing quickly).


One thing I can think of that has changed from my initial rapid weight loss is my use of upgraded chocolate in my coffee. When I first lost the weight I wasn't using it and this morning I noticed there are quite a few carbs in the chocolate (not from sugar though :-P ). I wonder if this has a detrimental effect on my BPIF.



Again I will have data near the end of the month if my fat loss has continued and I have just added substantial muscle mass. In the meantime I am wondering if anyone has noticed this or if this is just coincidental.


I do enjoy the cocoa and would prefer to not omit it unless needed.


My apologies for terrible punctuation


  • StevoStevo Upgrade in Progress

    Have you tried removing it for say, a week?


    Also you could try a protein fast for a day (less than 25g protein) as that can kick-start the fat burning again.

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