I have been eating grass-fed beef for awhile now, but I am trying to vary it up a bit. I am going to start eating less beef and adding salmon and chicken to my diet. I am trying to understand why chicken is not favorable on this diet. Is it only because the chickens are fed grain? Is it the Omega 3-6 ratios? I travel frequently and chicken is easy to prepare or eat on the road as opposed to stopping and eating crap. Also what is the 'best' kind of chicken if i choose to eat it? organic? free-range? there seems to be alot out there.


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  • zero33zero33 Thinks plants have feelings.

    since Dave doesn't adequately explain how he evaluates food when placing them on the infographic, you're guess is as good as anyone else's... "unfavorable" omega 3:6 ratio, grain and soy in their diet, etc.


    I have heard him mention in podcasts that if you're going to eat chicken it should be pastured and you should avoid the dark meat due to the higher fat content.

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  • thanks for the response. im going to try some local raised, pastured chicken and in the meantime filter through some of daves podcasts.

  • Nothing necessarily wrong with O6, per se but it isn't heat stable, so if you are cooking the chicken then the fat is going to be oxidized and you don't want that.

  • as well as it is harder to get good quality...pastured chickens

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  • so pastured chicken, as little fat as possible and slow cook it?

  • yup. sounds right

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