The Best Supplement For The Brain From Dave's Site?

Hey,  I know I am new here,  so please be gentle :)     I see quite a few brain products from Dave,  would like to know which brain supplement gives the best performance.



is it just buying Brain Octane with bullet coffee, some butter.     What about Glutathione?   the most powerful antioxidant.   


i assume combining supplements would be good but these products are not cheap....




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    Personally, I've had the best results with coffee. Most people start with the coffee and MCT as well as the diet, and move on from there.

    Have a read through the forum about all of the supplements and our experiences. Enjoy!
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    i did some searching,  but no comparing between them. 


    have like 75% of the bullet proof diet since I started this before I even found this site with Mark Sisson, Jack Kruse,  Sean Croxton, Drew Canole, etc.    Cant go 100%....poor as the church mouse....cant afford it.


    did you have any great effects with Glutathione?    will read the forum,  just curious about Glutathione right now though.   Is Whey Protein Isolates a good source for Glutathione at least?

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    I haven't noticed any effect from the glutathione. One thing, don't buy it if you still have mercury fillings.

  • i see, thanks for that....will just use Whey Protein Isolate, Tumeric, coffee, etc.  to increase Glutathione then.  

  • I am trying to figure out the difference between Dave's Brain Octaine and his upgraded MCT? I've been using his Brain Octaine and haven't noticed any difference at all. Just ordered his upgraded MCT but not sure how that differs from regular MCT that is from pure coconut oil. 


    I just started using regular high quality MCT (from Vitacost) and noticed that my ketones went up much higher than they did on the Brain Octaine.


    Can anyone clarify the difference between these three:


    Brain Octaine

    Dave's upgraded MCT

    regular high quality MCT from pure coconut oil



  • I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the Upgraded MCT Oil is a mixture of C-10 and C-8 while Brain Octane Oil is purely C-8 only. 


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    You are correct, sir.

  • I haven't noticed any effect from the glutathione. One thing, don't buy it if you still have mercury fillings.

    What is the reasoning for this?

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    What is the reasoning for this?


    Have a look through the forum, there are a few posts about it. While you still have mercury in your mouth, you are still exposing yourself to it. If you take glutathione (or NAC) you might overload your detoxing systems with too much mercury trying to be removed at once. It may end up in your brain!

    One comment referenced waiting for a year after mercury removal before taking glutathione.

  • How can you tell that you are mercury free?

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