Nac Question?

I am starting to take NAC twice a day as a part of John Brisson's  two week colon cleanse.


It says to take on an empty stomach.


Can I take NAC with other supplements? 


Or does NAC interfere with nutrient absorption. 


  • Most supplements stack well with n-acetylcysteine.  Avoid supplements that are protein or amino acid based to get the maximum result of the cleanse.

  • I've used NAC in the alcohol detox protocol, mainly before wine-tasting (not BP, but I get something out of wine-tasting with friends).  Great supplement, but don't overdo it.  If you are sensitive to sulfites/sulfates (are you MSG-sensitive?) you may get something akin to an MSG headache if you take too much NAC.  I got a two-day headache the first time I took it, and I rarely get headaches!  Don't let me deter you from taking it, just take it judiciously.  NAC is a powerful anti-oxidant/detoxifier (go, John!).


  • Most supplements stack well with n-acetylcysteine. Avoid supplements that are protein or amino acid based to get the maximum result of the cleanse.

    So it should be ok to take this before bed with magnesium?
  • Can NAC be taken with L-Glutamine?

  • What would prevent someone from taking the two simultaneously?

  • I was under the impression they were both amino acids.  My knowledge in this area is very spotty.  I always wonder about how supplements react with each other, so I try to space them out.  It would be convenient though to take these together.

  • It really depends on what you are trying to do.
  • I am trying to help my body produce glutathione and generally detox, while also treating my gut well and cleaning it up.

  • Why not cycle them?  You could take l-glutamine six days a week on an empty stomach, and take an NAC/R-ALA stack on the seventh day.

  • Sounds good.  (So in your opinion they are not great to take together?)  I know nothing of R-ALA, and don't currently have any.  I'll look into it immediately.  Is L-glutamine something that ought to be cycled on its own?

  • Hi - I was wondering if anyone knows if it's safe to supplement NAC while drinking bulletproof coffee containing brain octane oil. Thanks!

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