Vitamin C Supplementation Decreases Performance And Hinders Muscle Growth

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I heard about this on the news a month ago, and I stopped supplementing Vitamin C on days that I workout. Is there a modification to supplementation we can make in order to accommodate this need for exercise-induced free radicals to do the work they need to do as part of building muscle?


Also, I believe I need to use vitamin C, because I have issues with candida/bacterial imbalance in my gut. It's getting much better, though. Would it be good to just use it on days that I don't work out?


I work out every other day, and sometimes two or three days in a row. I don't get as much improvement/muscle growth otherwise. Trying to get ripped, because it makes me feel more positive, despite all of my digestive ailments.


I supplement 1-2 grams of Vitamin C on days when I do. I used to do about 4-5 grams, but have since stopped since I read about this issue with performance hindrance.



Thanks for your help.


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