Binaural Beats/brainwave Entrainment

Can anyone recommend a good set of binaural bests for deep relaxation when stressed out during the day. Are there other brain waye entrapment systems that might help as well. I've seen glasses with light and sound,e tc... 


  • Never dipped my toe into binaural beats long enough to get the full experience, but I will way music from Tycho, Boards of Canada, or Bonobo chilled me out even keel.

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    Binaural Beat Spiritual Music and NICU - Connor, Payton at 2014 Professional Seminar



    Melinda H. Connor, DD, PhD, AMP, FAM is an ordained Buddhist priest and born clairvoyant who has trained as a clinical psychologist, neuropsychologist, drama therapist, and in a variety of integrative techniques. Originally an engineer in the computer field, Dr. Connor changed careers in the 1990's. As a NIH sponsored T32 post doctoral fellow, Dr. Connor received her training as a research scientist at the University of Arizona's Program in Integrative Medicine under Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Iris R. Bell.

    She is the former director of the Optimal Healing Research Program at the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health at the University of Arizona, directed by Dr. Gary E. Schwartz and is both Board Certified and a Fellow of the American Alternative Medicine Association. A member of the teaching staff for Langara College in Vancouver, Canada, an Associate Professor for Akamai University in Hilo, Hawaii, and science advisor for the Spirituals for the 21st Century project at Cal State Dominguez Hills, LA, CA. Dr. Connor continues to present her research work at conferences around the world.


    You may draw inspiration and further your avenues of research from the above.


    A simple search on youtube will find many examples of delta, theta, alpha and beta binaural waves set at hertz levels to acquire various states for your mind.

    The Monroe Institute explains things pretty well:

    Happy hunting.


    (We liked this one but make sure you listen with STEREO HEADPHONES. It will not work without them)


  • Download a program called "resonance".


    You can construct your own binaural beat that will play for an infinite amount of time (until you close the program).


    I used this heavily when I was attempting to astral project.

  • I have an app on my iPhone called Brainwave 32 binaural programs that is excellent. It allows you to modify times, white noise, level of both music and waves. When I purchased it a year or two ago it was a dollar, worth much more than that. The developer is banzai labs.

    There is also an app called Brainwaves that is an extreme case of in app micro transactions. Not to say this one is bad, its freeware to start and is only loaded with relaxation. Then to purchase whatever different scenario runs 4-9 dollars. the developer for this app is ppl development company.
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