Coaching Football, Hacking Kids' Mental State

Ok, this might be different from the typical topic here, but I coach a pop warner football team of 12 year olds, and I'm trying to find a way to hack their mental state before a game. I'm new to the bulletproof stuff, but I'm learning, and it seems like there might be an answer here.

Basically, there's a "fog of war" that takes place in a football game, and all of us deal with it, including the coaches. The fight-or-flight system takes over, and the kids forget assignments, their coach (me) doesn't call the right plays, etc. I'm searching for ways to get myself and the players in a state of mind that cuts the anxiety short, but doesn't relax them so much that their bodies won't move at full speed. I have no control over their sleep or diet, so it's limited to what I can say to them, and what I can have them do as a warmup for practice and game.



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