Mct Heated In Bp Coffee

Good day all.

Quick question.. Does anyone know if any degrading of MCT when heated?  I drink my BP coffee 5-6 days a week.   Today I was out of GF butter so i made a protein smoothie instead (cold).  After blending the smoothie i stirred in the MCT oil into my smootie.   About 20 min later i had a really flushed feeling running through from my ears down my body.  Dave described that feeling (my perceived idea of what he was describing), with his new PQQ supplement.  I am wondering if th is was common or not.?  My only thought was that the hot coffee was degrading the MCT maybe and the cold was not..  ??


Thoughts ??


  • Thank you... Really strange deal then today ...  :???:  :?:

  • MCT Oil does raise one's metabolism...

  • yes indeed Garrett.. what prompted the question was i've taken MCT for a while and never had this effect w/ my BP Coffee.. Just when consumed this time cold..

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    Seems to be another variable. Was the shake only whey protein and MCT? Did you ingest it faster than you normally do your coffee? How do you measure the dose of MCT you add? Did you adjust any of your supplements from normal or was everything else static?


    Suggest if you're curious enough to try it again and see if the flushed feeling replicates.

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  • whey, banana, mct, coconut milk, ice. 

    All supplements were static - the plan is to try it again on Wed. 

    Drank it faster then the coffee for sure - prob. 15 min worth of consumption time vs 30 min w/ coffee

    MCT = 2 tablespns. 

  • Interesting. Was there any sweetener in the whey?

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  • rstrauserrstrauser
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    just the lovely sucralose


    I have used this protein powder in the past - and recently without any flushed feelings.. 

    UMP protein.

  • rstrauserrstrauser
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    update - used this morning again in a cold berry smoothie with no effect..  The plot thickens...  :???:  :???:  :???:


    No Coconut milk or banana in this one...   


    Just -  blueberry, MCT, Lemon water w/ Garden of Life Perfect berry / Veg. powder.. 

    guess it was just an isolated incident of some sort. 

    Thanks for all the replies. !! Take care !  Happy BP'n .. 

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