Buying Dead Probiotics

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If I'm going to buy probiotcs then I damn sure want to get them alive and kicking. I also don't mind if they are a bargain buy. That's where amazon steps into the scene. They have everything galore including probiotics like these . My question is are they refrigerated while being stored in the warehouse. My guess is no. Does anyone know if buying any probiotics off amazon is worth it? So that leads me to ask you guys where to get probiotcs on the cheap besides amazon? Digging in soil and fermenting aside where can I get some therapeutic, hardcore probiotics that won't empty out my wallet? I appreciate any input and recommendations; thanks! 


  • Make Kefir at home.
  • I'm very intolerant when it comes to dairy. Coconut milk kefir could work, but I heard that the kefir grains have to be replaced every time with coconut milk.

  • dazdaz today is a good day ✭✭✭
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    if you believe their blurb, then iHerb keep some products refrigerated and also ship some (not all) of those products with ice packs.

    (probably irrelevant if you are not in the US).


    anyway, if you are interested in investigating further, here is the iHerb link;


    & if you find a product or products you like, probably worth checking a few of the reviews, for some feedback on the shipping with ice pack thing


    (you can use my iherb code to save a few bucks if you have never ordered from iherb before; see the 'about me' of my profile for the code/link)

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