Weak And Rigid Legs

I have this strange problem I cannot figure out.

I have been doing a paleo/almost bp diet for more than 4 months now. I feel a lot better, but there is one thing that hinders my productivity. I frequently feel a lot of tension in my legs and they are also weak. 

This makes feel tired and doesn't allow me to focus. Sometimes having a walk helps, but is not a solution.

I work on my pc, both sitting and standing. I do squats and sprints a la Marc Sisson.


Could it be a potassium deficiency or other deficiency?


I don't know what to try to have a long term improvement.


  • It could be hypokalemia (low potassium).  I've been eating more avocado, tomato (bulletproof sketchy, but no problems for me) and boiled potato and feel much better.

  • Have you done any PiYo or Yoga? Both of those have GREAT lower body strengthening work, and exercises which can be helpful for relieving tension. What about lunges? Are you doing lunges?


    When you work on your PC, are you sitting for hours, straight, without breaks? Brendon Bruchard recommends setting a timer for 45 minutes, and, when the timer goes off... stand up. Move around (for 3-5 minutes). Close your eyes, move your hips... before getting back to your PC. 


    And how much are you walking? It sounds as if your work is keeping you sedentary. I'd recommend MOVING more. Walk more. Walk more. Walk more! :)

  • Thanks for your answers. What do you mean with "a lot". I have been eating one avocado a day + potatoes and tomatoes not every day for weeks.

    I am not doing lunges. Should I? Why?
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