Can Not Sit Down To Read For A Long Time ?!?!?

to everybody here:


I can NOT sit down for a long time to read an book: doesnt matter what kind of book,

I just cant sit down, and read for a long time.


usually I have to stand up and walk around or do something, even though I would LOVE to read books for hours, I just cant, its like an torture for your own body and yourself !?!?!


are there any people who know or recognise this problem?!?! I dont know in which forum section to write this down, nor do I know what to do with this 'problem'


I have ordered Brain octane oil: 18x stronger then coconut oil! I hope it helps! ! !


if there are other people here who have had this 'issue' and came out of it: please let me know!


  • Attention can be a learned skill. If you're always multitasking and checking your phone, it makes sense that focusing on one thing for a while could be difficult. 


    However, if this is accompanied by eye fatigue or skipping lines or words, you might look into the Irlen method. 

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    check your eyes as well. maybe your vision is not perfectly fine and it is stressful to your eyes even though it's just a little of. worked for me.

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  • The Irlend institute is one,  there was a thread mentioned an older source with a cheaper option that does the samething.   I have been using Blue Blockers or Moca Blocker glasses that works pretty well.   They are roughly like $7-$10,  much cheaper than going to the Irlen Institute,  since working with is an expensive process.



    Melatonin may increase when using it during the day, but taking them off for a 1-2 minutes is generally enough to surpress it and for you not to get drowsy during the day.

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    ACH85 is correct. Attention is a learned skill. We're an ADHD nation. 

    How long are you currently able to read? 2 minutes? 5? 10? 20? Depending on how long your current max is... start slow. :)  5 minutes. Gradually take it up to say.. 10 minutes. Then gradually up to 15, then up to 20, then 25, then 30 :) Do it in a way that your body & eyes will be all good. Gradually build your attention discipline. And even consider STANDING when you're reading. 

    Also, I do recommend using natural light or candles as your lighting source :) It's better for your eyes. And don't read when you're tired. Or when you have too many stimulants in you.


    Since you've mentioned that you often have to 'get up and move around'... maybe audiobooks are a good option for you.


  • Make sure you aren't distracted by your phone or people talking. Experiment with different times of the day to read or different energy levels. If I'm tired and reading, I'll just fall asleep! 

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