Oh Yeah! Bulletproof Sleep Induction Mat - Feedback And Questions

Thank God, and Dave, for this incredible tool!


I just received mine yesterday and gave it a try last night before bed. I instantly fell in love with it.


As I layed it down on my bed, I poked the spikes with my finger...then lightly pressed my palm onto it. Doing so illicited an out lou statemet to myself of 'Dude, you gotta be kiddin' as I started to laugh. Those things are SPIKEY!!!!!!!!


Followed the recommendations and put a light tshirt on and laid back onto it....Oh God that was soooooo good. Instant smile and recognition of it's benefits, felt incredible right from the start.


No pain, felt great, but I could certainly feel the spikes! Instantly started to relax and just feel really good overall, and tension from my whole back melted, and the overall mental/emotional effect was pronounced.


One of my first thoughts was 'I can't wait to use this bareskinned tomorrow!' along with 'I wish I coul just fall asleep on this thing all night!'.


The latter of which would be incredible if one were able to lay flat and still the entire night....but I still toss and turn alot as I work towards optimal sleep. So while it's perfectly safe and comfortable while lying there properly....I heed the instructions and warnings not to move around and scrape the skin on the mat, which would inevitably happen if I fell asleep on it.


If I didn't trust Dave, and see him selling these on his site, I would have thought these were designed by some sort of psychopath to trick people into puncturing a thousand holes into their back and bleeding out! And I admit there was a background thought along the lines of 'Feels great, but oh man...what if it just numbed my back out, and I'm all punctured and gushing blood?'.


I physically checked a couple minutes in just to eliminate that nagging, crazy thought. No problem hehehe...with the tshirt on I could still feel some slight indentations in my skin but nothing major, and certainly no open wounds!


Did the initial 20 mins as recommended, did not want to get off of it, but put it aside, and went to sleep. It did help me sleep noticably better that very first night, very pleased with that. Dark cool room, sleep mask, feet on grounding mat, and now this is a great sleep combo.


I was planning on reading during those 20 mins but I ended up mostly just lying there feeling great.


I did not need any sort of convicing for this. I am a huge believer and proponent of everything accupucncture/meridian/energy related. I have never done actual needle acupuncture but I have used EFT extensively over the past few years.


One question I have is regarding the claim on the product description page that it can help improve eyesight? Is this from using it to release tension of the neck and face which increases circulation or what? I have perfect vision but am always curious how I can improve/enhance color and what not. And I plan on taking up archery again for fun which of course requires eagle eyes.


P.S.- Anyone that has trouble zoning out and drifting off...for at least a temp solution, or just to help unwind in the time close to bed....try downloading the audiobook version of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, read by Jeremy Irons. Perfect story, and Irons has the perfect soothing voice for it.


  • Last night was my first 'bareback' experience. GREAT GOOGLEY MOOGLEY that's a totally different experience than doing it with even a very thin tshirt on!


    Was in the buff post shower, and laid down on that sucker so it ended up spiking everything from the very top of my upper back all the way down to the top half of my buttcheeks. Incredibly intense sensation as I first eased into it. Actually started laughing just out of surprise and fascination....it felt so freaking good.


    Adjusted within a few minutes, laid on it for about 20min total...loved the whole experience, wanted to just sleep on the thing all night.


    That said, though I had a very light background thought of actual injury/blood the night before while testing it with a shirt on. I actually had more of a concern last night bareskinned. As I was nearing the end especially...had I moved around too much? Was I too heavy? I'm 6'3 220-230+lbs (fairly lean too thank you very much) I wondered if my weight was too much for the skin.


    I rolled off the thing at the end of the session, reached around to feel what kind of dents were in me, which were pretty significant and kinda cool imo...part of me actually expected to see my hand smeared with blood. hehehe, thankfully no...not a drop. As I lay back down on my mattress/sheets, it wasn't a pain, but there was a definite 'sharp soreness' for lack of a better way to put it. But I couldn't really feel that as long as I held still, and it dissipiated pretty quickly anyways.


    I freaking love this thing, it just feels great, and the mental/emotional/endorphin part is great, and it definitely helps sleep.



  • One other nons-sleep note and a warning. Two days now, I have been putting this on the floor by my grounding mat. I am barefoot, feels great on the feet while sitting, but I got distracted and sort of forgot...started to stand up fairly quickly and got most of my weight on it before I realized whoah...that is way too much weight for barefeet and those spikes. And I put shoes on only when I have to go into the store on occasion, everywhere else, asphalt, concrete, sand on the beach, whatever I am barefoot so I have what I like to call 'Rhino Feet'. So anyone with 'normal' soft feet should be especially mindful as I could easily see that hurting them and even drawing blood.


    And I would like to know if the material will conduct the full benefits of the grounding mat if I put it on top of that. I realize the plastic spikes wont be, but what about contact with the rest of the material? If not, this would be an ideal upgrade.

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