Sleep Induction Mats: 2 Questions.

Hi everyone!


I have two questions for anyone out there who has experience with these products.


First, I've been using acupressure mats (I usually refer to mine as my "torture mat") for a bit over a year now and I recently heard about Dave's "sleep induction mat", which is quite a bit more expensive than the one I purchased. I'm trying to see if there's something in particular that Dave's does that other lower qualities brands don't.


The only difference I can find from the product info on the site is that Dave's version is non-toxic:



The 100% organic cloth is made from 55% organic hemp/45% organic cotton, and the acupressure stimulation points are made with non-toxic recyclable ABS plastic. We make sure there is no harmful synthetic AZO dye in the fabric.



While I'm totally into good cloth, good plastic, and no AZO dye, I'm not sure shelling out another 50 bucks for a new and improved mat is worth it (especially when this one has been used and washed enough that all the toxins have probably already seeped into my body and environment). Is there anything about Dave's mat that produces better sleep induction than other brands?


Second, I've been having a repeated experience in using my mat for sleeping purposes. The mat clears my head by getting my body to relax and starts moving me toward sleep, and sometime a bit later (I've never made the effort to figure out how long--I can guess somewhere between 30 minutes and an hour) it's almost like a bell gets rung in my head followed by the message: "GET OFF THE MAT NOW." When this happens I roll over and usually end up throwing it across the room.


What's interesting is the state this leaves me in: I become totally groggy but often unable to fall asleep from there. Something like being woken up in the middle of REM.


Does anyone else have a similar experience? I was sleeping with my mat every night until recently when I thought it might not be helping me sleep, and it this turned out to be true as soon as I quit using it. I use it occasionally to fall asleep now (especially when my back is stiff from sitting at the computer all day), but in general I've stopped.


Anyone have any thoughts on this? I would really like to be able to use it to fall asleep (historically I've had a hell of a time doing so), but it doesn't seem it's helping me out.


Thanks for any thoughts!



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