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Today I went to a school function for the Dietetics club (i am a university student). A dietitian spoke to the group about the *ideal breakfast*. She lectured about the importance of eating a *healthy* breakfast. Her recommendation? Oh, a nice blend of proteins carbs and veggies. Ah shit, here we go, i said to myself. She made suggestions about what constituted a healthy breakfast (whole grains! oats! bagels! LOW FAT MILK! ect..) the usual mainstream high carb low fat diet. I obviously disagreed but then I realized that I couldn't confidently defend my position of a high fat, low carb, moderate protein diet. How blind I have been. Not much better than a religious zealot, I have been. 


So, what is the basis for a high fat, low carb, moderate protein diet similar to what is espoused by Dave Asprey? I understand that this is a question that would be best answered in a 300 page book, so where would be a good place to start reading about the *scientific* basis for what can be describe as the "paleo", "bulletproof", or "ketogenic" diet?  Why are fats a more efficient source of fuel than carbohydrates? Why are whole grains problematic, if at all? Is IF a wise dietary practice? ect..I am not asking for a detailed post (unless you want to actually address my questions...go for it) describing the whys and hows, but rather links to good sources that might answer my questions




You should have seen her face when I said I put butter in my coffee...I could just read her mind. OMG HEART DISEASE HIGH BP STROKE WHAT ARE U [email protected]?SHIT. Her face began to spasm. Ok, it didn't. But it almost did. Then she asked me "Do you think that your feeling better on this diet might be just in your head?" insinuating that my diet's effects were a placebo. Well, yes sillypants..I know enough about quantum mechanics to have a slight understanding that the whole universe appears to be a giant placebo. 


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    I think it is pritty cool that you started thinling about why it is good or bad what you eat. I did read into most of these references on the link by Jason. But I also read into even more studies on pubmed went to dietitians and many other presentations by experts and it is really hard. I for example did not get higher HDL from all that butter and I am sensitive to caffeine and so on. So as we all know it is not about following THE bulletproof diet but about following your bulletproof diet. It's about what makes you bulletproof. After doing some DNA testing, experiments, and consulting other doctors I am still not 100% sure. I do follow the BP diet generally but then I started tweaking it for my specific needs, budget and will power.... and this an ongoing process.


    I stopped convincing other people that they should do what I do though because if you follow the podcast I know that I don't have the right nore the knowledge about it. I can show you the way I went but you have to try it for yourself. I tried many different diets and yes I know feeling good doesn't mean that much but I do know that the first time I had my bulletproof tea I felt like better than ever before.^^ And this was why I kept going that way and I took this diet and went to see doctors and what not and asked them about it and as always different people different opinions and it always needs to be specified. Do you eat high fat or do you eat High fat and low carb? Do you always eat like that or do you have refeeds? What do your biomarkers say...


    Last but not least I find it very funny when i talk to leaders of for example one of the leaders of the German federation of nutrition (they still promote the old food pyramid) and tell them I lost more than 90 pounds by avoiding grains and carbs and start asking further questions about the studies he showed in his presentation he suddenly gets all grumpy and ends the presentation.....even though I did not even nag about it I simply asked for more info on some specific details and he couldn't really answer my question.... I didn't even know if I had to laugh or cry...

    May you be well, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be loved.

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