The Effects Of Meat On Health ?

another great video with logical and truthful explanation from this Doc! I LOVE IT!




in order to achieve Super-Health or Bulletproof state or whatever u wonna name it, I think its important 'lay low' with the commercial meat. maybe very very little meat once in  a while, and eventually quitting meat and dairy at all !


EATING LIVING GREEN FOODS could be the answer on all! 


  • Am I on a vegan propaganda forum by mistake?
  • I believe your heart is in the right place, but posting lots of pro vegan videos will not make anyone here change to your viewpoint. A large part of the bulletproof diet is grass fed meats and grass fed butter. All of the videos of vegan experts will not change the fact that after my first cup of BP coffee there was a noticeable change in my mental focus and outlook. Eating grass fed meat makes me feel good. I do believe that the industrial meat production here is awful and do not support it. However, I know having grass fed meat in my diet works for me and choose to support that industry.
  • In all of the videos that I have seen from Dr. Clemet, he is sitting back in his chair with the pelvis forward, and the legs crossed.  People who sit that way have poor circulation.  A deficiency of vitamin B12 and iron often lead to poor circulation.  Grass fed beef is an excellent source of B12 and iron.  Why not eat a little bit each day to make sure you are getting all of your nutrients?  I will also challenge anyone to find a vegetable protein source that is superior in quality.

  • well thank u Snap! very well spoken, I havent thought about butter into coffee indeed.

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