There Is No Such Thing As An "ultimate Or Perfect Diet"

I dunno how many times I've read info/sites about "this diet guarantess u will lose weight" or 'this diet guarantees u will succeed with this or that'.


simply: there is no such thing as an perfect diet for some1,

there are like 7 billion people on this planet, how many different foods or cuisines or type of diets or there ?


I REALLY REALLY like the bulletproof diet-map but I guess everybody can say or write the things that helped them out very much.


but by far my favorite heroes of longevity are the Hunza people that I have written about. their diet comes close to the 80/10/10 diet. which I assume everybody knows about?


the Hunzas are an symbol of Superhealth and happiness and LONG HAPPY LIVE without stress and negativity towards others.


  • Like, what's your deal man?

    Make, [then,] thyself to grow to the same stature as the Greatness which transcends all measure; leap forth from every body; transcend all Time; become Eternity; and [thus] shalt thou know God. Conceiving nothing is impossible unto thyself, think thyself deathless and able to know all,—all arts, all sciences, the way of every life.  – Corpus Hermeticum XI “The Mind of Hermes”

  • It's Durianrider in disguise.....

    Like, what's your deal man?

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