Mycotoxins - Candida

I have recently been tested for molds and candida and I tested positive for having the specific mycotoxin, Tricothecene Group - (positive if greater than 0.2ppb) my level is 2.3ppb

I have no symptoms (that I am aware of) yet, I have had a serious auto-immune disease (diagnosed in 1991) and breast cancer (diagnosed in 2012).

My doc has suggested that I take a daily bath, adding 1/2 cup of ammonia to the bath water.  I can find nothing about this --- is there anyone out there in BP land who has heard of this, or anyone who can give info regarding getting rid of tricothecenes.


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    The best things you can do to fight the mycotoxins, move to somewhere or stay somewhere with reduced levels of mold and build up liver detox functions using milk thistle and upgraded glutathione. Follow, the bulletproof diet, minus ketosis to limit mycotoxins in food. Don't do the ammonia bath, sigh. Your liver will clear the mycotoxins out within six months depending on the toxin. Some are only a week depending on rat liver clearance models if they are accurate when applied to humans.

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  • I had my house tested - it is clean - no mold, good air quality ... must have picked up the tricothecene elsewhere (maybe food?).  

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    Could be food or work environment perhaps.


    As I understand it, candida can also flourish when antibiotics wipe out the stuff in your gut that keeps it in check. I don't know if this would lead to elevated levels that would show up on a test, though.

    Biggest takeaway after several years as a hardcore biohacker: think long-term. Focus on health first before adding in boosters. It works a lot better.
  • Hi Rob,


    I had searched for 3 years. did the Shoemaker protocol, got sicker with the cholestyramine and charcoal. I got tested by Real Time Labs and found out I had trichothecenes too. Real time recommend this doctor in my area, I went to them the Sponaugle Wellness center in Florida and spent $6K what a dump! The place actually smelled like mold, I got sick after 4 days on that drip. I asked what was in the drip bag they wouldn't say, anyway I just left. I went to Leibermen, not an enjoyable experience, anyway at the end of my rope fatigued to death skin lesion, skin burning and itching, my memory was totally gone, I found the National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease online. I called they sent a free book, the book was the most informative reading about mold exposure I have ever found it's an e book.. anyway I googled them and found mixed reviews about some other clinic in the area for mold exposure.,and some crazy women online complaining called Barbra Fritzz, she is an absolute crazy, I actually called her and spoke to her she's nuts. anyway it was only $1,600,oo at the end of my rope I called them and spoke to them in great detail. They sounded legit, so I went. Three months later my brain fog is gone, fatigue gone, and my memory is pretty much back. If you want to detox and not spend a fortune look them up online it was a a very good experience, professional people who care.


    best luck with your recovery and detox


  • Where did you guys go to get these tests and what are they called?  I would like to start testing for mold and other things but not sure where to start.  Especially the air quality in my apartment.  I can smell the second hand smoke coming through the floor or walls and not sure what to do about it.  Any suggestions would be awesome!

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