Oysters? How To Cook/prepare?

I keep reading on BP Forum and other blogs that Raw oysters are good or bad. Some people say eat raw, some say don't. I keep researching only to find more questions. It gets old.


1. What is the most BP way to eat/prepare/cook oysters


2. If an Oyster has been shucked, can it still be alive?


3. How can you tell if it is alive or dead?


4. Can you eat/cook them if they have died?


5. Can you eat raw dead or should you omly eat raw alive?


6. What is is this whole tapping them to see if they close or dashing a little cold water on them to make them close/open?


7. When you tap them, should they open or close?



I need a lot of help here. I am really new to seafood preparation. I need to start from ground zero, and I need A LOT of details. Do not assume I know anything. Please explain everything that you can think of. Maybe video and pic links would be helpful?




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